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Pokemon Feud: Meowth vs. Pikachu!

At PAX East 2019, StreetPass Long Island teamed up once again with Switch & Play Boston to host another fun game show! This time the theme was Team Meowth vs Team Pikachu and it was a lot of fun!

Producing these game shows for Nintendo fans really makes us happy! We are proud to have such great fans of our game show who keep coming to show their support. We plan on hosting more game shows in the future so stay tuned for the next installment!

MK8 Wheelin’ and Happy Mealin’ at McDonalds!

A new SPLI event has just been announced!!

WHEN: Sunday – 5/7 from 3PM to 5PM
WHERE: McDonald’s Mansion –¬†2045 Jericho Tpke New Hyde Park, NY 11040

RSVP HERE NOW!!!¬†Info from our Facebook Event page…

Did you know that there are new SUPER MARIO Happy Meal toys at McDonald’s?? You know what that means…


Bring some cash to buy happy meal toys and some french fries (or whatever you want to eat lol), and bring your Nintendo Switch or 3DS system for some Mario Kart gaming! We’ll have MK 8 Deluxe for Switch and MK7 for 3DS on hand for some racing and battle action! Bring your favorite controller if you’re a picky racer! ūüėõ

Meet us at the McDonald’s Mansion on Jericho Tpke in New Hyde Park! We’ll be upstairs in the PARTY ROOM! Woooot! See ya there!

StreetPass Game Show at PAX East!

If you were at PAX East 2017, then chances are you might have heard about the StreetPass Game Show! On March 10th (yes – on MAR10 Day!!) we held our 3rd iteration of the StreetPass Game Show! The game show first debuted at Eternal Con, hosted by the SPLI crew in June 2016. Then members of the team took the game show on the road for PAX South 2017, and then off to Boston’s PAX East! We’re on a roll!

In case you aren’t familiar, the StreetPass Game Show is made BY the fans and FOR the fans! We surveyed the StreetPass community and got the top answers to wacky Nintendo-related questions (such as, “Which Smash Bros. character punches like your grandmother?”). Then we tabulate the results and organize a “Family Feud” format game show, where contestants guess the top answers! We even used 1-2 Switch’s “Quick Draw” mini-game as a buzzer each round. It was a blast!

The StreetPass Game Show is fun because it has the two phases (the survey and the actual game show) which allows a lot more people to participate! We plan to apply for future opportunities to present the StreetPass Game Show at events, so be sure to follow our Facebook Page and Facebook Group for the latest news.

Below, please enjoy some photos from the StreetPass Game Show! We had a strong Team Skull presence at this game show… don’t worry, they did not steal any of the prizes (or anyone’s Pokemon)!

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SPLI Holiday Party 2016

StreetPass Long Island is getting in the holiday spirit! We’re hosting a Holiday Party on December 18th at AON Gaming!

At our party, we will be playing lots of fun Nintendo games (as usual) but we are adding some festive activities! For the first time, we’re going to do a SPLI Yankee Swap! (Read up on the rules for the Yankee Swap here.) Bring a wrapped¬†“Mystery Box” worth $10-$20 and see what you gift you take home at the event!

If you have any used video games lying around, please bring them to our Used Game Drive benefiting Operation Supply Drop! We will not discriminate – please feel free to donate games from any video game system! As long as your used games are still working, please consider donating them to our Used Game Drive to help a troop overseas have a brighter holiday.

More Holiday Party activities will be announced as the event approaches, so be sure to RSVP on our Event Page to get the latest information! We can’t wait to see you there!

Pokemon Sun & Moon Launch Party

Pokemon trainers have been waiting all year for the launch of the newest games – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! The release date is finally upon us, on November 18th. To celebrate this highly anticipated game, SPLI is throwing a Pokemon Sun and Moon Launch Party!

Join us at AON Gaming for a party celebrating the new games on Sunday, November 20th starting at 4PM! We encourage everyone to come join us to battle and trade Pokemon, get StreetPass tags and make new friends!

If you don’t play Pokemon, that’s ok too! We can play other multi-player games such as the new Mario Party: Star Rush, Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo, Mario Kart 7, Tetris, Smash Bros. and more!

DATE: Sunday, November 20th


WHERE: AON Gaming – Deer Park, NY

RSVP: Click here for our Event Page on Facebook

SPLI Halloween Party

StreetPass Long Island has been buzzing the past few days with the recent release of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo, as well as the news of the upcoming Nintendo Switch!

That means there’s no better time to get together with fellow Nintendo fans! Luckily, SPLI is hosting a HALLOWEEN PARTY on Sunday, 10/30 starting at 4pm! Our party is going to be at AONGaming in Deer Park, NY. RSVP to our event page for the most up-to-date party info!

Here’s some of the fun Halloween Festivities you can expect to find at our party:

  • Costume Contest
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  • NintendoLand: Luigi’s Ghost Mansion
  • Mario Party 8: Haunted Trail
  • Spirit Camera
  • Bring Your Own Spooky Games Too!!
  • Pokemon Go Halloween Photo Contest

You may have noticed not one but TWO contests listed here! We already announced the rules for the Pokemon Go Halloween Photo Contest, but you can view them here.

Costume Contest Rules:

You must be attending the party to enter! Nintendo costumes are NOT required but certainly encouraged! SPLI Founder Gluxbox will be judging. The winner will be announced approximately 6pm, to allow as many people as possible to enter. To be entered, simply speak to a SPLI Admin at the event!

Got Scary Games?? Feel free to bring them! AONGaming has lots of Nintendo consoles that we can use. Don’t forget your 3DS for StreetPasses and to play Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon!



SPLI at AONGaming!

How long have you been a member of SPLI? We’ve been around for 4 years now (crazy how time flies!!) and those of you who were with us from the beginning will remember we used to host events at a venue called Empire Gaming. While we loved it very much, unfortunately the venue closed down a few years ago and we’ve been searching high and low for a new home base!

Recently, a new gaming store has opened up in Deer Park called AONGaming, and here at SPLI we are pretty psyched about it! Not only does this venue specialize in Smash Bros tournaments (pretty much all gens, by the way!), but they are welcoming SPLI to host events at their store! (RSVP to our event here!)


We’re going to take them up on this generous offer starting Saturday, October 1st! Join us starting at 4pm and bring your 3DS, because we’re hosting a casual Multi-player Meetup!¬†There’s even a chill out spot for people who aren’t participating in AON’s ongoing tournaments.


So come out, make some new gamer friends while playing multi-player 3DS games, and support a local business too! Join our SPLI Facebook Group to get in on the Nintendo conversation, and learn more about the event by checking out the official SPLI at AONGaming Event Page!

4th Anniversary Party at Q-ZAR!!

It’s August! You know what that means… SPLI’s Anniversary Event is right around the corner!


RSVP on Facebook HERE!

Join StreetPass Long Island as we celebrate not only our 4th year running local meetup events for Nintendo enthusiasts… but also¬†the launch of Metroid Prime: Federation Force on Nintendo 3DS! We’re hosting a special group rate event on Friday, August 29th, at Q-ZAR in Carle Place – that means that you pay only $15 for unlimited laser tag game play from 8pm to 1am!

If you are a Metroid cosplayer, don’t be shy! Cosplay is encouraged, as long as it doesn’t hinder the laser tag equipment.

We will also have access to the private party room, so we can hang out and play Metroid Prime: Federation Force, check StreetPasses, and compare medals in Pokemon GO!

To join our event and get the special group rate, come to Q-ZAR at 8pm and let them know you are with the StreetPass Long Island group! Then come find us, join a team and shoot some lasers!!

*pew pew*

Amiibo Only Tournament at LI Retro Gaming EXPO!

If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, stop delaying! This summer’s hottest retro gaming event is coming to Hauppauge, NY on August 13th and SPLI is going to be there hosting an Amiibo Only Tournament!

Visit the official website of the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo to buy tickets, learn more about the event and see a list of vendors that will be participating. This event is amazing for retro gamers and collectors alike, with a show floor filled with retro games to purchase, as well as various retro gaming tournaments to show that you still have the skills after all these years!

Of course, SPLI is a little more about current gen gaming, so be sure to bring your Nintendo 3DS and an Amiibo to the event too! We’re going back to basics with our Amiibo Only Tournament, since we have a really cool GRAND PRIZE to give to the winner! The 1st place winner will receive a trophy and a Legend of Zelda lithograph!

Tournament Rules:

  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • One (1) Amiibo per Entrant
  • Custom Moves & Stats are LEGAL
  • 2 Stock ‚Äď 6 Minute Time Limit
  • Stage: Small Battlefield
  • No Items
  • Single/Double Elimination format depending on number of participants

Entrants must stay in the tournament area while their Amiibo fights in the tournament. If an entrant is not present for their matchup, they will be disqualified. SPLI is not responsible for lost or mixed up Amiibo figures.

We will have an official start time soon, so stay tuned for more details! To be sure that you don’t miss any important information, please RSVP to our event page for the expo!

Just for fun, here’s a little video made by a local production company with some fun ‘man on the street’ interviews from last year’s Long Island Retro Gaming Expo!

The StreetPass Game Show – Saturday at 2pm!

It’s finally here! This weekend is Eternal Con, the Long Island Comic Con! As always, SPLI will be in attendance and hosting a panel! This year we are debuting the StreetPass Game Show, which will be at the Cradle of Aviation at 2pm on Saturday, 6/11 in Panel Room 1!

Our game show features a Family Feud format, so we hope you’re ready to guess the most popular answers to questions about Nintendo games! We will be selecting some contestants from the audience, so be sure to line up early for a chance to be picked. There is a Grand Prize at stake, so bring your A-game!

Not only will we be picking contestants from the audience, but the audience will also be selecting some of the categories of the questions too. We can wait to see which topics you think will stump the contestants!

Have any questions about the panel? Please ask away on our StreetPass Game Show event page on Facebook, or comment below! See ya on Saturday!