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SPLI at AONGaming!

How long have you been a member of SPLI? We’ve been around for 4 years now (crazy how time flies!!) and those of you who were with us from the beginning will remember we used to host events at a venue called Empire Gaming. While we loved it very much, unfortunately the venue closed down a few years ago and we’ve been searching high and low for a new home base!

Recently, a new gaming store has opened up in Deer Park called AONGaming, and here at SPLI we are pretty psyched about it! Not only does this venue specialize in Smash Bros tournaments (pretty much all gens, by the way!), but they are welcoming SPLI to host events at their store! (RSVP to our event here!)


We’re going to take them up on this generous offer starting Saturday, October 1st! Join us starting at 4pm and bring your 3DS, because we’re hosting a casual Multi-player Meetup! There’s even a chill out spot for people who aren’t participating in AON’s ongoing tournaments.


So come out, make some new gamer friends while playing multi-player 3DS games, and support a local business too! Join our SPLI Facebook Group to get in on the Nintendo conversation, and learn more about the event by checking out the official SPLI at AONGaming Event Page!

Pokemon GO Trainer Tips!

Hey Pokemon Trainers! We know you’re all playing Pokemon GO and if you aren’t… well, what are you waiting for??

SPLI is hosting a Pokemon GO meetup on Sunday 7/24 and we wanted to share some tips to help everyone who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was!! There have been a lot of strategies going around, and we are working on making a comprehensive guide for Long Islanders. Since the game is so new, this is a work in progress currently. But until that is complete… here’s some tips we’re working on!

First of all, you’re going to need a smartphone (and a fully charged battery) and the app! Get that before heading outside – it’s hot out there! Pro Tip: Bring your 3DS with you too! It’s very likely that Pokemon GO players will StreetPass you as well. 

Here are some great Pokemon GO Meet Up tips (originally written by Six Flags – how cool! – but we tweaked it) to follow:

Before You Arrive

  • Update your app. Make sure you have the most current version of the Pokémon app (currently 1.01). The newer version is more secure, and crashes less often.
  • Bring an external battery pack (or two). Pokémon Go has been said to use a lot of battery life, but with a good external battery you should be able to keep playing all day. 
  • Set your phone to use as little battery as possible. Lower your screen brightness, mute the volume, and disable background apps. Turn off bluetooth and wi-fi. If your phone has a built in power saving mode, test it with Pokémon Go before you get to the park — some people have found that it can interfere with the app.
  • Turn on the game’s built in power saving mode. When in the game, click the Pokéball, click Settings, then check the box next to “Battery Saver.” This will dim the screen on your phone whenever it is upside down (in your pocket).
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen. Nobody will be impressed with your skills as a trainer if you come home from the meetup event looking like Crawdaunt or a Corphish.
  • Stock up on Poké-supplies. Make sure you bring plenty of Pokéballs, Great Balls, Master Balls, Incense, Lures and a (virtual) bag big enough to carry everything.

At The Meetup Event

  • Turn off augmented reality. AR makes the game more fun, but it also makes it harder to hit the Pokémon with your Pokéballs and it uses up more battery.
  • Visit every Pokéstop you see. You get 50XP for every PokéStop you visit, even if you don’t pick up any items.
  • Don’t waste time at PokéStops. After you spin the sign you don’t have to click all of the bubbles to claim your loot — just click the (X) at the bottom to collect the items.
  • Keep only the Pokémon with the highest CP. Depending on how much you play, you will collect dozens of Pokémon during your visit. If you are running out of room, save only the Pokémon with the highest CP. Transfer the rest to the Professor.

Make the Most of Your Visit

  • Look for floating leaves. That’s where you can find the closest Pokémon.
  • Keep an eye on the tracker. It’s in the lower right corner of your app. It tells you how close nearby Pokémon are. Each footprint is approximately 100 meters.
  • Showering petals at a Pokéstop means that someone has activated a Lure! Head over to benefit from their generosity. Conversely, activate a Lure of your own at a Pokéstop and you’ll be surprised at how many friends you make.
  • Use good Poké-targeting skills. The last thing you want to do when you’re far away from home is waste valuable Pokéball. Always until the green, yellow or red target circle is at its smallest before you throw.
  • Did you miss? Grab that Pokéball! If you get it before it disappears it will be returned to your inventory.

Exercise Safe Training Practices

  • Don’t go into unauthorized areas. Under no circumstances should you go into any areas that aren’t clearly open to the public. Don’t hop fences, don’t crawl past any barriers. It’s a matter of safety!
  • Be aware of your surroundings! Always keep one eye on the path ahead of you. If something seems unsafe, don’t go there!
  • Keep your head up. While it can be tempting to walk around staring at the screen, this hinders your ability to see where you’re going and staying aware of your surroundings. If you are walking around, keep your phone at your side or in your pocket, and listen to the game with headphones so you don’t pass any Pokémon.
  • Stand still while battling or catching Pokémon! It’s worth stopping and focusing on the game when you are in a battle or trying to catch a rare Pokémon. Don’t do it on the move. Stop and focus so you don’t walk into an unsafe situation by accident!
  • Under 18? Bring a parent. There are a lot of safety concerns popping up in the news, and SPLI is not a babysitting service. We want everyone to be safe but we cannot be held responsible for the safety of any individual. If you are under 18 and you want to participate in one of SPLI’s Pokemon GO meetups, please bring a parent or guardian with you.

If you don’t want to wait to get started on the hunt, here is a map that shows many Pokestop locations! Whoa!

Got any more tips? See a tip that is inaccurate? Please let us know in a comment!