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Holiday Party Tournament Rules

The SPLI Holiday Party is SUNDAY 12/18 starting at 4PM at AON Gaming! (RSVP here if you haven’t already!)

We’ve announced a lot of fun activities, including TWO Tournaments! Now is the time to share the format and rules for the tournaments, so read on for all the details!

Amiibo Only Tournament

Ever since Amiibo figures hit store shelves, SPLI has been one of the few groups on Long Island to run “Amiibo Only Tournaments.” Since it’s been a few months since our last tournament, we decided to bring it back for the Holiday Party!

Amiibo Only Tournament Holiday Party Ruleset:

  • Level 50 Amiibo recommended
  • Doubles format: teams of 2 amiibo vs. 2 amiibo
  • 3 Stock
  • 5 min time limit
  • Stages: Battlefield or Miiverse (competitors decide on omega)
  • Tournament format based on number of participants
  • 1st Place Prize: Musical Master Sword Amiibo Stand

Don’t have 2 amiibos to battle with? No worries – SPLI will provide ‘rental’ amiibo that you can borrow, while supplies last.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Tournament

The latest installments in the Pokémon series are Sun and Moon, and the games introduce a new battle style: The Battle Royal! We thought it would be fun to try out this new format for the Holiday Party! If you need some tips on this new battle format, check out this guide!

Battle Royal Holiday Party Ruleset:

  • Pokémon Sun/Moon required
  • Level 50 Pokémon recommended
  • Special Pokémon: Banned
  • Tournament format based on number of participants
  • 1st Place Prize: Eevee Knit Beanie

If you have any questions about the rulesets, please feel free to contact us! Remember, while tournament participation is encouraged, it’s definitely not required. All we want is for everyone to have a great time and collect StreetPass tags!

SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament at #Apex2015!


StreetPass Long Island is hosting an Amiibo Only
Smash Wii U Tournament at Apex 2015!

Visit the SPLI table at Apex 2015 on January 30th & 31st to enter your Level 50 Amiibo in the Amiibo Only Smash Wii U Tournament! Entry is FREE (Apex registration required) and all participants will receive a free official Nintendo sticker label for their Amiibo! We are running a Tournament on Friday 1/30 and Saturday 1/31. At the end of each Tournament, the top winner of each day will receive a rare Amiibo figure!

Tournament Rules:

  • Registration open 12 – 2pm Friday & Saturday!
  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • One Amiibo per Entrant
  • Custom Moves & Stats are LEGAL
  • 2 Stock – 6 Minute Time Limit
  • Stage: Small Battlefield
  • No Items
  • Single/Double Elimination format depending on number of participants

We will also be StreetPassing the Eon Ticket for Pokemon OR/AS, as well as hosting friendly Pokemon battles and Duck Hunt shooting, so be sure to stop by the StreetPass Long Island table at Apex 2015 in Seacaucus, NJ!

Registration will run from 12 – 2PM. Tournament will start by 2:30PM. If your Amiibo loses, you can pick it up at any time after it is scanned out of the Wii U system.

You must be a registered attendee of Apex 2015 in order to participate! Visit www.apex-series.com to learn more.

Note: Tournament rules are subject to change, as the number of participants may affect how the Tournament is run. All entrants are expected to bring their own Amiibo. Entrants will be allowed to leave their Amiibo at the SPLI table (at their own risk, but obviously we’ll be keeping an eye on everything!) while they play in their Apex Tournaments, but all Amiibos must be picked up by 6pm. Visit the SPLI table for full Amiibo Tournament rules and conditions.

What You Missed: Smash Fest @ Best Buy!

Last week was AWESOME for StreetPass Long Island members! We were treated to not one, but TWO Smash Bros. demo events at Best Buy in Valley Stream. Long Island’s NoA rep Derek was hosting the event, which allowed Long Islanders to be some of the first to get their hands on the new Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS versions!

The response from fans was HUGE, and the line was so long it wrapped around the store! Kudos to everyone who braved the heat on this crazy line!

The line for Smash Fest @ Best Buy
Everyone was psyched to see Mega Man’s final smash! SPLI Co-Founder Jeff W. was so excited that he wore his Mega Man helmet to the event!

The first event was held on Wednesday, June 11th in the afternoon/evening. The response was huge, and we were all thankful that there was a second demo event on Saturday, June 14th! The Saturday event was even BIGGER, and the CROSSFIRE Smash Tournaments Team (#TeamXFIRE) even brought in their staff to do live commentary of each round!

The CROSSFIRE Smash Tournaments team.
Long Island Smasher Samantha M. aka PeachyHime from the E3 Super Smash Bros. Invitational was on the scene to challenge the masses!
SPLI was so psyched to be able to take part in this Long Island event! We hope that NoA and Derek will be able to host more official local events like this in the future!


Awesome news for all you Smash Bros. fans out there! Nintendo has officially announced several demo events for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games!

splismashfestSmashers can demo the new Smash Bros. games at Nintendo World Store in NYC, but if you’re a Long Islander, you’ll be happy to know that there are separate events just for us! Visit the Best Buy in Valley Stream for Nintendo Smash Fest and be the first to play these awesome new games. NoA’s most awesome rep Derek will be hosting the events, so come out and say hi!

Be sure to bring your A-game though, because world-class players from CROSSFIRE Smash Tournaments are going to be there too! Everyone wants to get their hands on this game and we are expecting a big crowd! The 3DS version is due out this summer, so get ready to get SMASHED with SPLI!

Want to join SPLI at Smash Fest at Best Buy? Check out our event pages on Facebook for all of the details. There are two events:

Weds June 11th 4pm – 9pm at Best Buy in Valley Stream (Green Acres Mall)

Sat June 14th 12pm – 5pm at Best Buy in Valley Stream (Green Acres Mall)

RSVP and invite your friends! Help spread the word about these SMASHING events. Who will be your main???



Happy New Year from StreetPass Long Island! It’s time for the results of the 2013 SPLI AWARDS!

During the month of December, SPLI members filled out a survey to cast their votes for their favorite Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games.  Here are the best games of 2013, according to StreetPass Long Island members:


StreetPass Long Island was thrilled by the number of votes received in the Second Annual SPLI AWARDS event. We had more than three times the responses in 2013’s voting phase than in 2012. If you participated by voting in the 2013 SPLI AWARDS, thank you very much for taking the time to give us your insight on the best games of the year. If you’d like to participate in more SPLI surveys in the future, please sign up for our email mailing list!