Pokemon Feud: Meowth vs. Pikachu!

At PAX East 2019, StreetPass Long Island teamed up once again with Switch & Play Boston to host another fun game show! This time the theme was Team Meowth vs Team Pikachu and it was a lot of fun!

Producing these game shows for Nintendo fans really makes us happy! We are proud to have such great fans of our game show who keep coming to show their support. We plan on hosting more game shows in the future so stay tuned for the next installment!

What You Missed: Nintendoland at Adventureland!

This past weekend, on 8/15/15, SPLI celebrated our third anniversary! We decided to do something new this time by hosting a cosplay event at Adventureland! The Adventureland staff and regular customers were so excited to see us all dressed up! We even had our photo posted on the Adventureland Instagram page.

For your viewing pleasure, please take a look at our gallery of photos from the event. Next time, be sure to join us so you don’t miss out on the fun!! Just as a reminder, our next event is an Amiibo Only Tournament at Long Island Retro Expo on 8/29.


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SPLI Amiibo Only Challenge (June)

On June 28th, StreetPass Long Island hosted an Amiibo event at A Store of Fire and Dice in Lynbrook. Instead of our normal tournament format, we decided to try out a new King of the Hill battle style instead. The new format allows us to keep everyone in the game, even if you lose! Competitors can also switch Amiibo figures between rounds and use more of their collection.

The top Amiibo challenger of the day was Eric with his Mario Amiibo named Midway. He had a record of 7 wins and 3 losses for the day!

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What You Missed: SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament (March)

Last night, SPLI hosted our latest Amiibo Only Tournament at Game Hut in Babylon, NY. ¬†There were many upsets, and Weegee didn’t make it to the finals! (Phew!) However, we did see Sean S. take home the top prize once again with his Mario Amiibo “SMPS”!

Next month we will be changing the format for the Amiibo Only Tournament, in an effort to switch things up and give others a chance to win. Stay tuned for more info! Until then, take a look at some photos from our March Tournament.

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What You Missed: Super Mario Cosplay Party with MP10!

SPLI is proud to announce that ZERO FRIENDSHIPS WERE RUINED at the Super Mario Cosplay Party with MP10 event, held this past Sunday at Game Hut in Babylon, NY. We had a ton of fun in our cosplay outfits, and we also got to try out the ever-exciting Bowser Mode in Mario Party 10!

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What You Missed: SPLI Pokemon League E4 Challenge

SPLI’s latest event was on 3/15/15 – the SPLI Pokemon League Elite Four Challenge! Hosted at Game Hut in Babylon, Pokemon trainers came to compete with the SPLI Pokemon League Gym Leaders and try to earn the chance to face the Elite Four! Our Gym Leaders proved to be tougher than expected, with only one strong trainer making it all the way to challenge the E4! We hope for even tougher competition for the next League event, so keep EV training…

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What You Missed: SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament (February)

SPLI members had a blast last night at the Game Hut in Babylon, NY! We were hosting the first local Amiibo Only Tournament on Long Island, and 22 people brought down their toughest Amiibo for a chance to win! The competition was fierce, with plenty of upsets! Check out the photo gallery and watch our “commentary” videos!

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Tournament Bracket – Click to View Full Res:

February Amiibo Only Smash Tournament - Bracket

What You Missed: Majora’s Mask Archery

SPLI members came out despite the arctic freeze to shoot some arrows at the Majora’s Mask Archery event on 2/19/15! We gave out free goodies to all attendees, including custom targets and actual Majora’s Masks!

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What You Missed: SPLI “Tiki Cup” Go Kart Race!

Mario Kart 8 fans came out to Tiki Action Park in Centereach, NY on 6/22 for a hilarious cosplay go kart event! StreetPass Long Island showcased some awesome cosplay; we had Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Shy Guy, and even Bullet Bill racing in go-karts for some Live Action Mario Kart! It was a blast and we took lots of photos so please take a look!

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