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Amiibo Only Tournament (April) Update

Who’s excited for the next SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament? We’ll be meeting up at Gamehut in Babylon, NY on Sunday 5/26 from 5pm – 8pm to test the skills of our beloved Amiibo figures!

We wanted to change it up a little bit for this tournament, so we’ve decided to try a Doubles format for this Tournament. This will change the rules slightly so here’s the update:

  • Doubles Format
    • 2 vs. 2 – Amiibo’s Only! You cannot pair up humans with Amiibos. We are strictly Amiibo’s Only in this Tournament.
  • Doubles Pairings Options
    • One person with 2 Amiibo figures
    • Two people with 1 Amiibo figure each
    • One person with 1 Amiibo and 1 Rental Amiibo (supplied by SPLI)
    • PLEASE NOTE: There is only one prize, so if you are pairing up with a friend and their Amiibo, you would have to share the prize (you can work that out amongst yourselves right?) If you win and you had a SPLI Rental Amiibo on your team, you can keep the prize.
  • Smash Battle Format
    • 3 Stock
    • 8 Minutes
    • Small Battlefield
    • No Items (unless equipped due to a Custom Ability)
    • Custom Moves & Stats are LEGAL
    • 2 Amiibos Max per Entrant
  • Registration Open 5pm – 6pm
  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • Double/Single Elimination depending on number of participants

What You Missed: SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament (March)

Last night, SPLI hosted our latest Amiibo Only Tournament at Game Hut in Babylon, NY.  There were many upsets, and Weegee didn’t make it to the finals! (Phew!) However, we did see Sean S. take home the top prize once again with his Mario Amiibo “SMPS”!

Next month we will be changing the format for the Amiibo Only Tournament, in an effort to switch things up and give others a chance to win. Stay tuned for more info! Until then, take a look at some photos from our March Tournament.

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What You Missed: Super Mario Cosplay Party with MP10!

SPLI is proud to announce that ZERO FRIENDSHIPS WERE RUINED at the Super Mario Cosplay Party with MP10 event, held this past Sunday at Game Hut in Babylon, NY. We had a ton of fun in our cosplay outfits, and we also got to try out the ever-exciting Bowser Mode in Mario Party 10!

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Super Mario Cosplay Party with MP10

Who’s excited for the release of Mario Party 10, hitting shelves today? SPLI sure is, and we are happy to announce that we are adding another event for March – this SUNDAY, 3/22  from 3pm – 6pm at Game Hut in Babylon! Note that this will be an OFFICIAL NINTENDO event!

Hosted by the Long Island Nintendo Rep Derek Z., we will be celebrating MP10 in style… and by that we mean Super Mario Cosplay, of course! Join SPLI as we dress up as our favorite Super Mario characters while trying out a demo of MP10. Will friendships be ruined???

Did we mention that there will be FREE GIVEAWAYS for all attendees? If you don’t have any cosplay outfits, Derek will have some Mario themed hats and shirts so you can still have some cosplay fun with us! Don’t wanna dress up? That’s ok too! You can still come and participate!

WHEN: Sunday, March 22, 2015

TIME: 3pm – 6pm

WHERE: GameHut – 99 Deer Park Ave, Babylon, NY

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/765590190204554/