StreetPass Long Island FAQ’s & Getting Started Guide

pikachucosplayFirst of all, welcome and thanks for joining us here at StreetPass Long Island!  We’re glad to have you here and hope to help you get lots of StreetPasses, make friends and discover new Nintendo 3DS games.  Lots of new members have asked questions about the best ways to get started, so here is our new Getting Started Guide!


If you haven’t done so already, please start by liking us on our social media channels!  StreetPass Long Island uses social media as their main form of communication, including sharing info about upcoming SPLI Events and Nintendo News and Events.  Be sure to join in on the conversation!

StreetPass Long Island Official Facebook Fan Page:  Our main news hub!  Like StreetPass Long Island today for news, photos, event info, trivia contests and more!

StreetPass Long Island Facebook Group:  Where StreetPass Long Island members come together to discuss latest news, share fan art and learn about upcoming events.

StreetPass Long Island Twitter Page:  The latest Nintendo and SPLI news, photos and more… in 140 characters or less!

StreetPass Long Island Pinterest Page:  Sharing official Nintendo images, ACNL QR codes, and photos from Long Island hotspots.  Follow our boards and share with your friends!

StreetPass Long Island WordPress Blog:  You’re here right now!  Be sure to click that Follow button in the corner to stay informed about StreetPass Long Island!


The StreetPass Long Island Facebook Group has a Files section that allows us to share “living documents” that can be edited by all members.  There are several vital documents in this section, so please be sure to take a look at each one!

  1. SPLI Friend Codes:  Every Nintendo 3DS has a unique Friend Code which allows a user to connect their 3DS with a friend.  If both you and your friend add one another’s friend codes, you can send each other messages and play via WIFI connection.  When you open the SPLI Friend Codes document, you will see a list of friend codes posted by admins and members.  Please add whoever you’d like, and be sure to post your friend code at the bottom of the list!  Don’t forget to make sure that the people you add to your Friend List have added you back.
  2. SPLI Nintendo Network ID’s:  For SPLI members who also own a Nintendo Wii U, we created a document much like the Friend Codes list, but this time we are listing our NNID’s!  By adding someone’s username, you are sending them a request to add you as a friend.  By adding friends on the Wii U, you can see that person’s posts on the Miiverse and play via WIFI connection.
  3. Be Friendly!  It takes more than just a friend code to make friends.  Be sure to be courteous to your fellow StreetPass Long Island members by following the StreetPass Long Island Terms of Service.  Located in the Files section (as well as here on the SPLI website) you can review our T.O.S. at any time.  Please post your name in the comments to show that you read it!


OK so you’ve taken a look at our website, followed us on our various social media channels, what’s next?  Come to our Meet Up Events!  StreetPass Long Island Meet Up Events are a fun way to get together for StreetPasses, have fun with multiplayer gaming, make new friends and explore different parts of Long Island!  You can always find out information about our latest events here on the Events page of the SPLI website, and we always make Event Pages on Facebook, which you can find via the StreetPass Long Island Facebook Group.


  • I just found out about your group!  How do I get started?
    • First off, be sure to follow all the steps above!  After you’ve joined our various channels, introduce yourself!  Send us a Tweet, write up a quick intro on the Facebook Group, or leave us a comment here on the site.  Check out upcoming StreetPass Long Island Events and start playing 3DS games with your new friends via WIFI!
  • Is StreetPass Long Island a general gaming group?
    • Actually, no.  StreetPass Long Island is a Nintendo 3DS gaming group, here to celebrate the Nintendo brand and plan meet up events so that we can get more StreetPass tags!  Please save your thoughts and comments about other companies for your personal profile.
  • Do I have to join the Facebook Group?  Do I have to attend events?
    • Your experience here at StreetPass Long Island is up to you!  If you enjoy discussing Nintendo news and sharing thoughts and photos, then the StreetPass Long Island Facebook Group is a great place to do so.  If you are looking to get more StreetPass tags for your 3DS, or if you just want to make friends and check out new places to hang out on Long Island, then you should absolutely join us at our Meet Up Events!
  • How does StreetPass Long Island’s “Tuesday Trivia” work?
    • Our ongoing “Tuesday Trivia” contest is held exclusively on the StreetPass Long Island Facebook Fan Page every Tuesday at 8PM.  Don’t worry if someone else answered correctly already, because we are looking for the first five members to give us the right answer each week!  If you answer correctly, you win a StreetPass Long Island sticker!  If you answer correctly for 5 consecutive weeks in a row, then you will win a StreetPass Long Island t-shirt!  (Limit one t-shirt per member.)
  • Should I share my personal information with other members?
    • Please ALWAYS use caution when interacting with people you do not know on the internet.  StreetPass Long Island recommends that you do NOT share any personal information with members if you do not know them.  StreetPass Long Island is not responsible for the actions of an individual member.  In the event that you have a complaint or comment about a particular member, or find that someone is violating our T.O.S. please email us immediately with all the details.
  • Is StreetPass Long Island owned and operated by Nintendo?
    • No, StreetPass Long Island is run and operated by a group of hardcore Nintendo fans who live on Long Island!  We are all volunteers and are in no way affiliated with Nintendo of America.  Our only goal is to promote and advertise Nintendo products and help to increase the Nintendo fan base and interest in the Long Island region.

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