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Holiday Party Tournament Rules

The SPLI Holiday Party is SUNDAY 12/18 starting at 4PM at AON Gaming! (RSVP here if you haven’t already!)

We’ve announced a lot of fun activities, including TWO Tournaments! Now is the time to share the format and rules for the tournaments, so read on for all the details!

Amiibo Only Tournament

Ever since Amiibo figures hit store shelves, SPLI has been one of the few groups on Long Island to run “Amiibo Only Tournaments.” Since it’s been a few months since our last tournament, we decided to bring it back for the Holiday Party!

Amiibo Only Tournament Holiday Party Ruleset:

  • Level 50 Amiibo recommended
  • Doubles format: teams of 2 amiibo vs. 2 amiibo
  • 3 Stock
  • 5 min time limit
  • Stages: Battlefield or Miiverse (competitors decide on omega)
  • Tournament format based on number of participants
  • 1st Place Prize: Musical Master Sword Amiibo Stand

Don’t have 2 amiibos to battle with? No worries – SPLI will provide ‘rental’ amiibo that you can borrow, while supplies last.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Tournament

The latest installments in the Pokémon series are Sun and Moon, and the games introduce a new battle style: The Battle Royal! We thought it would be fun to try out this new format for the Holiday Party! If you need some tips on this new battle format, check out this guide!

Battle Royal Holiday Party Ruleset:

  • Pokémon Sun/Moon required
  • Level 50 Pokémon recommended
  • Special Pokémon: Banned
  • Tournament format based on number of participants
  • 1st Place Prize: Eevee Knit Beanie

If you have any questions about the rulesets, please feel free to contact us! Remember, while tournament participation is encouraged, it’s definitely not required. All we want is for everyone to have a great time and collect StreetPass tags!

Pokemon Sun & Moon Launch Party

Pokemon trainers have been waiting all year for the launch of the newest games – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! The release date is finally upon us, on November 18th. To celebrate this highly anticipated game, SPLI is throwing a Pokemon Sun and Moon Launch Party!

Join us at AON Gaming for a party celebrating the new games on Sunday, November 20th starting at 4PM! We encourage everyone to come join us to battle and trade Pokemon, get StreetPass tags and make new friends!

If you don’t play Pokemon, that’s ok too! We can play other multi-player games such as the new Mario Party: Star Rush, Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo, Mario Kart 7, Tetris, Smash Bros. and more!

DATE: Sunday, November 20th


WHERE: AON Gaming – Deer Park, NY

RSVP: Click here for our Event Page on Facebook