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SPLI Holiday Party 2016

StreetPass Long Island is getting in the holiday spirit! We’re hosting a Holiday Party on December 18th at AON Gaming!

At our party, we will be playing lots of fun Nintendo games (as usual) but we are adding some festive activities! For the first time, we’re going to do a SPLI Yankee Swap! (Read up on the rules for the Yankee Swap here.) Bring a wrapped “Mystery Box” worth $10-$20 and see what you gift you take home at the event!

If you have any used video games lying around, please bring them to our Used Game Drive benefiting Operation Supply Drop! We will not discriminate – please feel free to donate games from any video game system! As long as your used games are still working, please consider donating them to our Used Game Drive to help a troop overseas have a brighter holiday.

More Holiday Party activities will be announced as the event approaches, so be sure to RSVP on our Event Page to get the latest information! We can’t wait to see you there!

Holiday Party: Yankee Swap Rules!

To get in the holiday spirit, SPLI will be hosting a Yankee Swap at our Holiday Party at AON Gaming! (Click here to RSVP on our event page and get all the party info!)

For those who haven’t played before, Yankee Swap is a fun way to get a mystery holiday gift! If you aren’t familiar with how Yankee Swap (also known as White Elephant) works, check out these general rules here.

Since we’re gamers, of course we’re going to use a CUSTOM GIFTING RULESET! Check out SPLI’s Yankee Swap Rules:

  • Participation is optional, but you must bring a gift if you want to participate.
  • Gift value should be between $10 – $20.
  • No gift cards or cash!
  • Nothing USED please!!! (Would you want to receive a dingy old used plush as a gift? No? Neither would anyone else lol!)
  • You are not allowed to choose the gift you bought during the Swap round!

How It Works:

  • Player 1 selects a gift from the pile, opens it, and shows it to everyone.
  • Each player after player 1 can either pick an unopened gift from the pile, or choose a gift to steal from another player.
  • If a gift is stolen from you, you get to either pick an unopened gift from the pile, or choose a gift to steal from another player. However, you cannot steal back a gift if it was stolen from you during that same round.
  • Each gift can only be stolen 3 times total. After that, it is considered “locked” and can no longer be stolen.
  • At the end of the game, player 1 can choose to either hold on to their gift, or swap it with any gift that is not locked.

In addition, we will be collecting USED GAMES to donate to Operation: Supply Drop! This charity accepts used games and consoles and sends them to our troops overseas for a bit of escape from their difficult jobs. For more information accepted donations for Operation: Supply Drop, please visit their donation list here! Please consider bringing a donation for OSD in addition to participating in the SPLI Yankee Swap!

Got questions? Comment on our blog, or visit our event page on Facebook! We’re here to help!