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Official Silver Mario Amiibo Giveaway!

SPLI is thrilled to announce that we have been selected by Nintendo to give away one exclusive Silver Mario Amiibo to our members! Nintendo of America recently contacted us and let us know that they have shipped out a Silver Mario to our group. We will be receiving the Silver Mario later this week, and we plan to award this awesome prize at the upcoming SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament (April)! Do you play Mario Party 10 or Super Smash Bros. Wii U or 3DS? Want to have a chance to win this rare Silver Mario Amiibo? Everyone is welcome to enter, so please fill out the form below. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted in 24 hours. noatweetGood luck!

Oh by the way… APRIL FOOLS! There used to be a form here, but we shut it down so people wouldn’t continue to think that they could win something like this. There’s unfortunately no word of any such Amiibo in existence at this time. Sorry! 😛

What You Missed: MK8 Test Drive Weekend!

If you missed the Mario Kart 8: Test Drive Weekend, which was held this past weekend (5/17 – 5/18) at participating GameStop locations, then you are probably regretting it now! StreetPass Long Island members were treated to hours of demo gameplay of the newest installment of the Mario Kart series in Levittown and North Babylon, as well as fun photo ops and cosplaying!

NoA Rep Derek and his awesome MK8 Display at GameStop Levittown!

NoA’s Long Island rep Derek was on hand all weekend to get us all hyped up for the new game! He answered all of our questions about the game, staged a photo-op area complete with a [small scale] replica Mario Kart and backdrop, and he had multiple controller setups available so that we could enjoy some multi-player racing!

Here are some photos from the event to give you a taste of all of the fun we had! Big thanks to everyone who came out this past weekend. We can’t wait until May 30th! SPLI is eager to host lots of online MK8 tournaments when June rolls in, so stay tuned!

SPLI Members playing MK8!
MK8 Test Drive – Levittown 5/17/14
MK8 Test Drive – North Babylon 5/18/14
MK8 Cosplayers!

What You Missed: Mario Golf Mini Golf Tournament!

On Friday, 5/9/14, SPLI members were treated to a really fun event – the Mario Golf Mini Golf Tournament! The event kicked off earlier in the week, when SPLI issued a challenge to members via an online Mario Golf Private Tournament, dubbed the “SPLI May Tourney.” SPLI staff announced that the winner of the online private tournament would have a chance to win a free t-shirt!


The lucky winner of the SPLI May Tourney was Chris C! His impressive score of -14 was posted on the group page, and Chris was reminded that by winning the online tournament, he was entitled to a free t-shirt if he attended the Mario Golf Mini Golf meetup. Of course he came to claim his prize!

20140509_205230SPLI members split up into groups of 4 to play the Mini Golf Mountain course at Heartland Golf Park in Edgewood, NY. The competition was tight, with most players putting at par or better! The weather held out and we were able to golf through all 18 holes.


The winners of the Mario Golf Mini Golf Tournament were Chris C. (3rd place), Johnathan L. (2nd place) and Dan D. (1st place). Congratulations to all of the winners!

Editor’s Note – this makes Chris the winner of the online golf tournament AND a medalist in real life mini golf. Way to go, Chris!! Readers might remember that Dan was also the winner of our Pokemon X&Y Tournament back in February, making Dan the SPLI Pokemon and Mini Golf Champion! We plan to post a new Hall of Fame page here on the SPLI website to celebrate these winners and all future winners of SPLI competitions, so check back soon for that!


Another important detail to mention about the Mario Golf Mini Golf Tournament is that this was SPLI’s first meetup to include an Official Nintendo Representative! The NoA Long Island Rep, Derek, came to cheer us on and he took this awesome group photo for us! Everyone was so excited when Derek started handing out all kinds of cool Nintendo giveaways, and we learned more details about awesome Nintendo demo events that are coming up soon! Thanks for joining us Derek!

To keep up with the golfing spirit, a new private online tournament challenge is now issued to all SPLI members! The next private tournament is a SPEED challenge of 9 holes. Don’t let all of the coins and powerups distract you, but get the best score you can! This tournament ends at 8:30pm on 5/25/14. Good luck!