SPLI Halloween Party

StreetPass Long Island has been buzzing the past few days with the recent release of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo, as well as the news of the upcoming Nintendo Switch!

That means there’s no better time to get together with fellow Nintendo fans! Luckily, SPLI is hosting a HALLOWEEN PARTY on Sunday, 10/30 starting at 4pm! Our party is going to be at AONGaming in Deer Park, NY. RSVP to our event page for the most up-to-date party info!

Here’s some of the fun Halloween Festivities you can expect to find at our party:

  • Costume Contest
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  • NintendoLand: Luigi’s Ghost Mansion
  • Mario Party 8: Haunted Trail
  • Spirit Camera
  • Bring Your Own Spooky Games Too!!
  • Pokemon Go Halloween Photo Contest

You may have noticed not one but TWO contests listed here! We already announced the rules for the Pokemon Go Halloween Photo Contest, but you can view them here.

Costume Contest Rules:

You must be attending the party to enter! Nintendo costumes are NOT required but certainly encouraged! SPLI Founder Gluxbox will be judging. The winner will be announced approximately 6pm, to allow as many people as possible to enter. To be entered, simply speak to a SPLI Admin at the event!

Got Scary Games?? Feel free to bring them! AONGaming has lots of Nintendo consoles that we can use. Don’t forget your 3DS for StreetPasses and to play Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon!