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Pokemon Feud: Meowth vs. Pikachu!

At PAX East 2019, StreetPass Long Island teamed up once again with Switch & Play Boston to host another fun game show! This time the theme was Team Meowth vs Team Pikachu and it was a lot of fun!

Producing these game shows for Nintendo fans really makes us happy! We are proud to have such great fans of our game show who keep coming to show their support. We plan on hosting more game shows in the future so stay tuned for the next installment!

Super Mario Run on Android!

Mobile gamers rejoice – Super Mario Run is now available on all mobile platforms! Yesterday the popular mobile game became available for download on the Google Play Store after months of waiting! Apple users have been playing the game for a few months already, so Android users are scrambling to catch up to their friends!

Have you been playing this mobile version of the familiar Super Mario series? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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Important Announcement

SPLI is not happy to report that the former Co-Founder of SPLI, Jeff Weinstein, has been banned from the group and SPLI events. We wanted to be very open about what happened and to explain our actions to the StreetPass community, as we have nothing to hide and we’re doing what we think is right for the group as a whole.

Our decision was based on almost a year’s worth of documented incidents of cyber-bullying, leading up to a recent public threat by Jeff against our upcoming panel at Eternal Con. We take this very seriously. As it states in the SPLI TOS: “anyone seen maliciously targeting a specific PERSON or GROUP will be banned.”

This was not an easy decision. The SPLI Admin Team held a vote on this topic, because we do appreciate everything Jeff has done for the group through the years. However, his recent actions are completely unacceptable, and we have the TOS in place for this reason. We cannot afford to continue giving him special treatment when his actions have been so malicious, and now that he has directly threatened a group activity we have no choice.

Group members have approached SPLI Admin Staff several times saying that Jeff’s recent public outbursts make them uncomfortable, and that his presence at meetup events makes them not want to attend. We want group members to know that it is our mission is to ensure that SPLI meetup events are a safe and fun experience for attendees, and that Jeff is NOT welcome to participate in any future SPLI activities at public events.

Please rest assured that the Eternal Con staff has been alerted to the open threats made against our upcoming panel, and appropriate action will be taken if needed.

We also wanted to address Jeff’s recent allegations that SPLI is stealing his “intellectual property” by hosting a game show panel at Eternal Con. We’d like to quickly remind everyone of the definitions of intellectual property, copyright and trademark, as they are explained by Facebook:

Intellectual Property

Jeff does not have any legal claim to the idea/concept of a “game show,” nor does he have any ownership of the term “StreetPass Game Show.” We are by no means the first group to ever select game show contestants from an audience. His demands are completely ungrounded and out of line.

We can only ask that you not get involved with Jeff’s negative and accusatory posts while he attempts to threaten SPLI Admin staff members and the group itself. SPLI does not negotiate with cyber bullies. Please follow our lead in taking the moral high ground regarding this situation.



Video Game Themed Fundraiser To Benefit Long Island Charity Once Again

New York, NY – November 17, 2014 – Nick’s Marathon, a unique annual fundraising event, has once again partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island to honor the memory of leukemia victim Nicholas Capobianco, and share his love of video games with children and families in need.

The 2014 Nick’s Marathon will kick-off at 8pm on Friday, November 21st, and run through Sunday, November 23rd. The event will all be streamed live at

Every year, a group of childhood friends spend 48 consecutive hours playing video games as a special tribute to Nicholas, an avid gamer and beloved friend whose life was tragically cut short by cancer. Nick was first diagnosed with leukemia when he was just 3 years old, and he spent the next four years of his life bravely facing chemotherapy, spinal taps, and spinal and cranial radiation. At age 7, Nick participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony for a brand new facility that would serve as a “home away from home” for families with sick children: the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.

“When Nicholas was sick, I was constantly fighting rush hour traffic both to and from the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, often with Nick vomiting on the way,” says Nick’s mother Meg. The Capobianco family would have been perfect candidates to take advantage of the House’s comfortable, convenient, and extremely affordable amenities. However, when the House opened in 1986, Nick was fortunate enough to not need the House’s services, as his cancer was finally in remission.

“Even though we never spent a night in the House, participating in the Grand Opening ceremony was an important moment in Nick’s life. It gave him a special opportunity to put his hospital days behind him, and open a new healthy chapter in his life,” Meg says. “And for that, we have always remained grateful to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.”

Twenty years after that ribbon cutting ceremony, Nick was shocked to discover that his cancer had returned. As he had done when he was a child, he once again fought bravely. But despite an inspiring level of strength and courage, Nick ultimately lost his battle to cancer on June 12th, 2008.

In the wake of Nick’s death, a group of his family and childhood friends formed Nick’s Marathon, an annual event that keeps Nick’s spirit and passion for video games alive, all while raising money for charity. The group plays video games for 48 straight hours, live-streams it all online at, and asks those who watch to donate to the cause.

Because of Nick’s connection to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, Nick’s Marathon will once again raise money to provide the House with new video games, to be delivered to the House by Santa himself at a Holiday party at the House on December 11th. Last year, Nick’s Marathon provided the House with an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, a Nintendo Wii U, several new Nintendo 3DS’s and PlayStation Vitas, and games and accessories for each system. In July of this year, Nick’s Marathon delivered another batch of new games and accessories to the House, so that they would continue to have all of the latest releases.

Matt Campo, Executive Director at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, says, “For two years now, Nick’s Marathon has delivered countless smiles to the House that Love Built! With this donation, the children and families we serve are able to find an escape from their challenges for a short period of time. The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island is grateful to Nick’s Marathon and all of their supporters for their generosity in loving memory of their dear friend, Nick Capobianco. They spread joy not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year with their lasting gift!”

A video game can be a wonderful and powerful distraction when things are at their worst. Nick, a dedicated fan of the hobby, understood that all too well. Through this partnership between Nick’s Marathon and the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, a new generation can also enjoy access to all of the latest video games when they need them most.

About Nick’s Marathon

Nick’s Marathon was created in September 2008 by Alan Noah and Dr. James Brief, two friends of Nicholas Capobianco who wanted to do something positive, charitable, and fun to honor the memory of a man who died far too young. The annual event raises money by live-streaming a 48-hour marathon of video game playing, and asking those who watch online to donate to the cause. The organization was granted tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status from the United States Internal Revenue Service in September 2012.

For more information about Nick’s Marathon, log on to, and

About the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island is the 100th House of over 300 Ronald McDonald House programs worldwide. Located in New Hyde Park on the campus of the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York, the House accommodates families in a warm and supportive environment. For 28 years, RMH-LI has been a home-away-from-home for over 19,000 families in the United States and more than 80 countries around the world who are dealing with the pain of having a child undergoing medical treatment at nearby hospitals. For more information about RMH-LI, log on to,, and