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The StreetPass Game Show – Saturday at 2pm!

It’s finally here! This weekend is Eternal Con, the Long Island Comic Con! As always, SPLI will be in attendance and hosting a panel! This year we are debuting the StreetPass Game Show, which will be at the Cradle of Aviation at 2pm on Saturday, 6/11 in Panel Room 1!

Our game show features a Family Feud format, so we hope you’re ready to guess the most popular answers to questions about Nintendo games! We will be selecting some contestants from the audience, so be sure to line up early for a chance to be picked. There is a Grand Prize at stake, so bring your A-game!

Not only will we be picking contestants from the audience, but the audience will also be selecting some of the categories of the questions too. We can wait to see which topics you think will stump the contestants!

Have any questions about the panel? Please ask away on our StreetPass Game Show event page on Facebook, or comment below! See ya on Saturday!

Dave & Busters Birthday Bash

Two years ago, SPLI held a birthday party event for a few Admins who all happen to have a birthday in April. Well… this year we decided to do it again! Unfortunately our favorite DnB (Farmingdale) closed a few weeks ago, so we will be hosting this event at the Westbury location. It is somewhat accessible to public transportation! You can either take the LIRR to Carle Place (rare) and walk, or take the LIRR to Mineola and take the N24 bus down Old Country Road to reach Dave & Busters at the Source Mall!

This is a casual meetup. You can come late, leave early, do your own thing and play whatever games you want! Presents not required. Cake is limited! lol

WHEN: Saturday, April 18th

TIME: 2:30PM – 5:00PM

WHERE: Dave & Busters Westbury (1504 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590)

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/416797158499053/

What You Missed: Eon Ticket StreetPass Day!

Here at SPLI, we hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends, family and StreetPasses! To celebrate National StreetPass weekend and share the exclusive Eon Ticket DLC for Pokemon ORAS, SPLI organized a little meetup at McDonald’s in New Hyde Park on 11/30.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a great turnout, with many new faces joining us to get StreetPasses and Eon Tickets for their Pokemon games. Many SPLI members were excited about the location because this event was held at the “McMansion”, which is the fanciest McDonald’s on Long Island! We were permitted to use the private upstairs area for the event, and it was awesome despite being intended for kids birthday parties. Some members traveled from as far as NYC and Suffolk County to attend the event!

We battled Pokemon, sought out Super Secret Bases, some members even “Settled it in Smash”, and of course we splurged on greasy french fries! It was a lot of fun and we are so THANKFUL (get it?) to have enjoyed a SPLI event with so many enthusiastic members during National StreetPass Weekend! Thanks to everyone who joined us for Eon Ticket StreetPass Day!

National StreetPass Weekend!

National StreetPass Weekend

Nintendo is kicking off the Thanksgiving Weekend early by spreading the word that this weekend is officially a National StreetPass Weekend! Starting today, if you visit any local Nintendo Zone (which can be found at various retail and fast food locations such as Best Buy, McDonald’s and Starbucks, ask your local store and see if they have it!) you can get a StreetPass from someone from out of state or even another country! During National StreetPass Weekend, the StreetPass relays from Nintendo Zone get shuffled around and everyone gets a TON of StreetPasses! This will help everyone to complete all of these new Puzzle Swap puzzle panels that were recently released for Pikmin 3, Sonic Boom and Ultimate NES Remix! And if you’re a Pokemon fan, StreetPass is the ONLY way to receive the special Eon Ticket DLC, which unlocks a new island in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to participate in National StreetPass Weekend. If you’re in NYC, you can stop by Nintendo World Store and get a StreetPass there! Of course, you can also find StreetPass NYC members StreetPassing in the area, so the Eon Ticket DLC will probably be quite easy to find if you’re in the city this weekend!

Pokemon ORAS Eon Ticket

Long Islanders can also meetup with SPLI on Sunday, 11/30 for Eon Ticket StreetPass Day! We’re going to be at the lovely Townhouse McDonald’s in New Hyde Park from 4-6pm on Sunday and we will be distributing the Eon Ticket for anyone who joins us! We do ask that since we’re hosting this at McDonalds, if you plan to stay more than 15 minutes you must purchase some food. But if you want to quickly stop by just to get a StreetPass and then go on your way, that’s totally fine (and free) too!

We hope you all enjoy National StreetPass Weekend and have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!

“I Luv SPLI” Poetry Winners

StreetPass Long Island recently concluded the “I Luv SPLI” Poetry Contest for Valentine’s Day.  All winners will receive a Shiny Luvdisc holding an Ability Capsule.  Now we are proud to present the top winning poems!

1st Place – Lissanne L.

SP-L-I (or 33 Pokemon hidden in 16 lines of a florid love poem)

SP on! Probe…Oh! Pass you!
Ho, ho, ho, I must rate you.
Be sharp and flow it ‘Fantastic’
And from you, your sprite’s beauty flies
Cherry be your hair and inky sable eyes.

‘Ell hath Dark Rays that tore us apart.
Zap dose thoughts thrown from my heart.
With a spear. Oh, Fear, oh rapid dash
To the Unknown, a Tranquil crash.
Happiny ever after.

I peek at you and Venus soars,
Lifts me spir’t from gloom’s doors.
Nine tales from you, all evil tales fracture far
A slow king grovels to Scherazade’s star.
You have stories to seal in me like a star.
Me and you, SPLI.

2nd Place – Jordan W.

Joining from an early stage,
On accomplishing group resurrection,
Rewriting gaming history on every page,
Driving up the region’s gaming perception,
Another group but not the ordinary,
Now thrusted in lime’s light,
Lovers profess on pocket monsters scary,
Officially great in their own right,
Valor and spirit enthused from each member,
Each with 3DS in hand,
StreetPassing as gone a twitter,
Supporting Nintendo’s greatest fans,
Please continue into future’s hands,
Lined up with fun events,
I’ve been very fortunate to know you all with time well spent.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  We “luv” you too!


Happy New Year from StreetPass Long Island! It’s time for the results of the 2013 SPLI AWARDS!

During the month of December, SPLI members filled out a survey to cast their votes for their favorite Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games.  Here are the best games of 2013, according to StreetPass Long Island members:


StreetPass Long Island was thrilled by the number of votes received in the Second Annual SPLI AWARDS event. We had more than three times the responses in 2013’s voting phase than in 2012. If you participated by voting in the 2013 SPLI AWARDS, thank you very much for taking the time to give us your insight on the best games of the year. If you’d like to participate in more SPLI surveys in the future, please sign up for our email mailing list!

What You Missed: National StreetPass Weekend Meetup!

Nintendo treated their 3DS fans to a really fun National StreetPass Weekend from 12/13 – 12/15!  Any 3DS owner who visited their local Nintendo Zone with StreetPass Relay were treated to a shuffle of StreetPass Relay tags, allowing US gamers to get StreetPass tags from other states and even other countries!  StreetPass Long Island hosted a local event to celebrate National StreetPass Weekend by organizing members to meet at a local Starbucks in Uniondale, NY on Sunday, 12/15 from 2:30 – 4:30pm!

To make the event even MORE exciting for members, StreetPass Long Island handed out free giveaways: The Legend of Zelda Treasure Chests!  These awesome items were provided by Nintendo and GolinHarris (thank you NoA!!) and SPLI members were ecstatic to receive them!

Despite there being a huge snowstorm the day before, StreetPass Long Island members came to Sunday’s meetup in droves and Starbucks was delighted to be overwhelmed with customers.  SPLI members gathered to collect StreetPasses (some members received StreetPass tags from the west coast, Europe and even Japan thanks to the StreetPass Relay Shuffle during the event!) and played popular 3DS games together, like Pokemon X&Y and Mario Kart 7.

StreetPass Long Island was happy to welcome some new members and first-time meetup attendees at this event, while also hanging out and having fun with our regular members and SPLI Admin staff.  Everyone had a great time, some members even stayed to hang out for almost an hour after the event officially ended!  SPLI Co-Founders Jeff and Debbie also used this opportunity to drop some hints about upcoming meetup events planned for 2014.  Afterwards they announced that the [Second Annual] 2013 SPLI AWARDS: Voting Phase was about to open to the public, giving fans a chance to vote for their favorite Nintendo games and SPLI Events from the past year.

Every StreetPass Long Island member who attended gave us great feedback and we all hope that Nintendo organizes another National StreetPass event next year!  The StreetPass Relay Shuffle added a lot of buzz and excitement to the group and we really enjoyed it!  Thank you Nintendo for helping us to end 2013 with a great meetup event!

National StreetPass Weekend!

StreetPass Weekend is coming to a Nintendo Zone near you on December 14th & 15th!  StreetPass Long Island is joining in on the fun by hosting a meetup at Starbucks in Uniondale!

WHEN:  December 15, 2013

WHERE:  Starbucks Coffee – 1228 Hempstead Tpke. Uniondale, NY 11553

TIME:  2:30 – 4:30PM

RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/events/478211692296212/

During National StreetPass Weekend fans will be able to StreetPass with Nintendo 3DS owners all over the country just by visiting a Nintendo Zone! (Visit http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/nintendozone to find a Nintendo Zone near you!)

What You Missed: The Legend of Zelda-themed Archery Competition

Zelda fans from across the tri-state area came together to show off their archery skills for the Legend of Zelda-themed Archery Competition, hosted by StreetPass Long Island and StreetPass NYC in Ozone Park, NY on November 17th.  Under the guidance of professionally trained archery experts courtesy of Proline Archery Lanes, StreetPass fans learned to shoot a Long Bow and participated in a tournament using Zelda-themed targets!  Check out some photo highlights below and visit the full album on our Facebook Page.

Proline Archery Lanes, Ozone Park, NY
StreetPass Leaders Debbie Gluzband and Jordan White taking aim during the practice round, with SPLI Admin Lance Eustache preparing to shoot.
Proline Archery’s professional instructors taught Legend of Zelda fans the proper way to handle the Long Bow.
In between rounds competitors played StreetPass games!
StreetPass members created custom target areas on Zelda villain characters for the Competition.
Those who shot their arrow in the target area of the Zelda target moved onto the finals!
The Competition was won by Daniel C. In second place was Mark R. and Jonathan P. received third place.
Competition winners were awarded with perler bead ‘medals’ made to look like the Hero’s Bow.
SPLI Leader Jeff Weinstein challenged the group to make a 20 yard trick shot – hit the eyeball on the Eye Switch target. He offered a $35 eShop Gift Card if anyone could hit the bullseye. Sadly, the prize went unclaimed and will be saved for a future challenge!
Group photo from the event. Thanks to everyone who came and stay tuned for the Second Quest!

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds themed Archery Competition


Have you ever dreamt of shooting the Hero’s Bow in real life like Link in your favorite Legend of Zelda games? Here’s your opportunity!

On Sunday November 17th, StreetPass Long Island & StreetPass NYC are teaming up to host the first and only Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds themed Archery Competition (to celebrate the upcoming release of Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which launches for Nintendo 3DS the following week on 11/22/2013).

The event will take place at Proline Archery Lanes, a reputable indoor archery range in Ozone Park, Queens, NY.  StreetPass Long Island & StreetPass NYC arranged for a private 2 hour session from 6:30PM to 8:30PM after the range’s normal business hours. The venue will provide 3 Olympic certified private instructors who will teach everybody how to safely and accurately shoot a standard long bow. The event will conclude with a friendly archery competition for Legend of Zelda themed prizes.

The event organizers negotiated a special group rate package with the venue and will be collecting $20 in advance per person (towards the venue’s fee) to ensure a spot, since space is extremely limited. Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1388097304759087 for more details and to make reservations.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds themed Archery Competition will start promptly at 6:30PM at Proline Archery Lanes and will end at 8:30PM.

Proline Archery Lanes is located at 95-11 101 Ave. Ozone Park, NY 11416.
Please RSVP at the Facebook Event Page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1388097304759087