Join the SPLI Team!

IMG_34813962493174As StreetPass Long Island continues to grow in number, we are constantly meeting new people who have one question, “How can I volunteer to help StreetPass Long Island??”

We are so thrilled to have such great members who want to contribute and join the SPLI Admin Staff! To accommodate the level of interest and experience level of our eager members, we have set up different Departments for members who want to apply to join our staff. Please read below and see which Department best matches your interest! Email us today for immediate consideration.

Event Planning

Want to help SPLI plan our meetup events? Do you know (or own) a local business that would be a perfect spot for an event? Are you an employee of a gaming-related store? Just want to see more events happening in your town or at your school?

We are looking to add more Event Planners to our SPLI Admin Staff! We are open to all levels of experience, however keep in mind that those who have experience will be given more responsibility than a n00b, no offense!

Please email with “Event Planning Application” as the subject line. Let us know what makes you a good candidate for the Event Planning Department. Remember, no experience is necessary but space is limited.

Social Media

Do you have a huge following on Facebook or Twitter? Are you a Google+ expert? If you are interested in contributing to SPLI’s Social Media campaigns, then we want YOU! We have lots of goals for our social media presence which can only be achieved through the help of social people like you.

If you would like to use your social prowess to help SPLI, please email with “Social Media Application” as the subject line. Please include any social media pages that you currently manage, your Twitter handle, etc. and let us know how you can help us reach our goals.

Tournament Organizer

Before SPLI existed, plenty of enthusiastic gamers set up their own Tournaments at various venues across Long Island. We would love to work with these pre-existing Tournament groups to help promote their events! If you currently run a Tournament series for a Nintendo franchise, we would love to speak with you! SPLI can offer promotional and marketing services for Tournament Organizers with an established following, so please email with “Tournament Organizer Application” in the subject line, and let us know a little bit about your Tournaments.

Not an established T.O. but want to help run Tournaments? Here at SPLI we also host our own Tournaments, both at meetups and online via WIFI Communities. If you have an idea for a Tournament or want to learn how to be a better T.O; please email and tell us more about yourself.

SPLI Mega Member

Want to volunteer to help SPLI, but you don’t have a lot of experience? Or maybe you have a busy schedule, or are a “commitment-phobe”? Don’t worry, you can still join the SPLI team as a MEGA MEMBER! What is that? Well, it’s like a SPLI member that has MEGA EVOLVED! Mega Members are SPLI ambassadors, constantly sharing our events and posts with their friends (word of mouth) and internet buddies (social media). Mega Members are active on the SPLI Facebook Group or follow and interact with us on Twitter on a regular basis. Mega Members are also the people we can count on to attend as many events as possible, to increase the HYPE!! Want to join our street team and be an SPLI Mega Member? Email us at with “SPLI Mega Member” in the subject line and let us know that you want to be a Mega Member today!

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