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Miitomo Secret Mission Discovered!

Update: APRIL FOOLS!!! 😛

The Nintendo community was buzzing yesterday, as the long-awaited mobile app “Miitomo” was launched for iOS and Android. Nintendo fans have been having a blast setting up their Mii characters, making friends, answering questions and collecting outfits. But did you know that the app was released with a very lucrative secret easter egg mission?

Nintendo of America had posted this Tweet earlier hinting that there was a special secret bonus for those who are extremely active on Miitomo.


Rumors have been swirling that Miitomo players who give out 1,000 hearts in a 24 hour period will unlock a special secret mission, and those who complete it will receive 1,000 bonus Platinum coins!

How does it work? First, you need the Miitomo app (obviously) and some friends for your Mii character. Then it’s a matter of diligence – you simply have to give 1,000 hearts to your friends’ posts within 24 hours. This is significantly easier if you have a lot of friends, so be sure to start adding all of your buddies! You can even convince your non-3DS owning friends, since you don’t NEED a Nintendo account to get started in Miitomo! Once you have successfully given out 1,000 hearts in Miitomo, you will receive an email from Nintendo with a code to redeem for the Platinum coin reward.


If you have a ton of friends, this actually doesn’t take THAT long. SPLI Founder Debbie (aka Glux) was proud to show off that she was able to earn the bonus Platinum coins from this Miitomo secret mission!


Do you think you can complete the mission in 24 hours?? Good luck!!

Night of the Nerds – Triforce Heroes Tournament Rules

Looking for a fun night of gaming, cosplay, music, drinks, comedy and burlesque??? Then join SPLI at Night of the Nerds at the Velvet Lounge in East Setauket on April 8th!

At this event, SPLI will be hosting a fun side event – a Triforce Heroes Tournament! Challengers will be formed into teams of three and the team with the best score wins!

Here are the official rules posted on our event page:

Triforce Heroes Tournament Rules

StreetPass Long Island will be hosting a Triforce Heroes Tournament for Nintendo 3DS systems! Here’s what you need to know:

– This game supports Download Play, so you do not need to own a copy of the game! But you do need to bring your Nintendo 3DS system to the event to participate.
– This is a TEAM game, so you will be set up with two more players to play cooperatively on a specific stage.
– If you happen to have two friends that you want to team up with, that’s no problem! Just let us know at registration.
– Winning team will have the highest score at the end of the stage. The score is a combination of your remaining fairies and how many rupees your team collected on the stage.

Tournament Ruleset:
– Stage: Woodlands – Buzz Blob Cave
– Outfit Restriction: Hero’s Tunic ONLY!
– Time Limit: Not set, but teams taking an inordinate amount of time may be disqualified.

Note: Triforce Heroes Tournament Rules are subject to change. See tournament organizers for full details at the event.

12742823_1114367805260570_5651054418010056413_nRegistration will begin at the start of the event, and the Tournament will start at approximately 9:30PM. Look for the SPLI tournament organizer Debbie (aka Gluxbox) cosplaying as Link to get registered.

SPLI Upcoming Events

Wondering when the next StreetPass Long Island event will be? There are lots of fun events planned for SPLI members, so here’s all the info you need!

March 20 (2pm to 5pm) – Amiibo Tournament at A Store of Fire and Dice

Bring your trained Amiibo figures and battle in a singles format tournament (1 v 1, 3 stock, 6 minute max) to see which Amiibo has the most skill! A prize will be awarded to the winner! ASOFAD is also running a regular Smash tournament for those who wants to get a taste of the action for themselves.

March 23 (8:30pm) – Amiibo Wars at Lizard Lounge

The Amiibo Wars tournament is back at the Lizard Lounge! Bring up to 4 Amiibo figures to battle it out in 8-Player Smash mode. $5 Entry Fee. Also enjoy drink specials and karaoke throughout the event. 21 and up only, please!

April 8 (8:00pm) – Night of the Nerds at The Velvet Lounge

Those who have been to a Night of the Nerds event before know about all the awesomeness – including awesome bands playing live, classy burlesque dancers, and of course incredible cosplay! We’ll be hosting a video game tournament at the event as well, keep an eye out for more details!

April 9 (5:00pm) – Monster Hunter NYC 3rd Anniversary

To celebrate their group’s 3rd Anniversary, Monster Hunter NYC is collaborating with local StreetPass groups such as SPLI and SPNYC (and others!) to host an epic event at McMahon’s Public House in Brooklyn! Tournaments that have been announced include MH4U, Smash Bros. and Pokemon!

Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO!

SPLI’s next event is coming up quick! On Saturday, 8/29 Long Islanders can join SPLI at the Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO in Hauppauge, NY. This day-long convention is jam-packed with retro gaming activities! There are retro game tournaments and challenges, a retro game swap meet, cosplay contest, and of course… a SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament!


Tickets are required for entry, and early bird registration (only $15) is open NOW! Click here to register!

Here are all the details for the Amiibo Only Singles Tournament that we’ll be hosting at the convention. One Amiibo per entrant, double or single elimination depending on total number of entrants for the Tournament.

Amiibo Only Singles Tournament Rules:

  • Registration open 12pm. Tournament will start at 2pm! Sorry, we cannot accept new entrants once the tournament begins.
  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • One Amiibo per Entrant
  • Custom Moves & Stats are LEGAL
  • 2 Stock – 6 Minute Time Limit
  • Stage: Small Battlefield
  • No Items
  • Single/Double Elimination format depending on number of participants

Click here to RSVP on our event page today to let us know that you’ll be joining us! There will be rental Amiibos available for the Tournament for those who are in need! See you then!

What You Missed: Nintendoland at Adventureland!

This past weekend, on 8/15/15, SPLI celebrated our third anniversary! We decided to do something new this time by hosting a cosplay event at Adventureland! The Adventureland staff and regular customers were so excited to see us all dressed up! We even had our photo posted on the Adventureland Instagram page.

For your viewing pleasure, please take a look at our gallery of photos from the event. Next time, be sure to join us so you don’t miss out on the fun!! Just as a reminder, our next event is an Amiibo Only Tournament at Long Island Retro Expo on 8/29.


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Nintendoland at Adventureland!

SPLI’s 3rd Anniversary is fast approaching! In past years we’ve celebrated with big Pokemon parties and tournaments, but this year we wanted to try something different. It’s quite clear that Long Island gamers are fabulous cosplayers, and since our cosplay events are always so much fun we decided to turn our group’s anniversary into a cosplay party! We’re calling our event “Nintendoland at Adventureland” because we plan on invading Long Island’s favorite amusement park in full Nintendo-themed cosplay!

Like Mario? Luigi? Metroid? Legend of Zelda? Pikmin? Wear your favorite costume to Adventureland and go on fun rides with your fellow cosplayers and Nintendo enthusiasts! We’ll be taking tons of photos, so bring your friends too! Just keep in mind that some costumes and props are NOT well suited for amusement park rides, so keep the safety of yourself and others in mind when choosing your cosplay. Also remember that weapon props will not be allowed in the park, so don’t bring that sort of thing please! If you have a specific question, please contact SPLI directly.

DATE: Saturday, August 15th / Rain Date – August 16th

TIME: 1PM – 6PM (or later depending on how it goes!)

WHERE: Adventureland – 2245 Broadhollow Rd., Farmingdale, New York 11735

PRICE: Free to Enter. Tickets must be purchased to go on amusement park rides. There is a Pay One Price option for unlimited rides for those who are interested.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Adventureland is open to the public, and most people in the park will not be expecting to see cosplayers running around. Please dress in family-friendly costumes! Please don’t be rude to random people in the park. People might try to take photos of you, if you are not OK with this, please reconsider your cosplay.
  • If your costume includes a hat or props, please be sure to secure them before going on rides! Neither SPLI nor Adventureland is responsible for your cosplay props.
  • You are not required to stay with the group. If you want to branch out and go on rides on your own with your friends, that’s totally fine!
  • While the park is free to enter, please bring money if you plan on doing anything more than sit around. SPLI cannot pay for your tickets or food/drinks.
  • Cosplay is NOT REQUIRED. You can wear whatever you want! But Nintendo costumes, t-shirts, etc. are recommended for optimal fun!
  • Bring your 3DS for StreetPasses! That’s what we’re all about!

We are planning to meet up at 1PM at the front of the parking lot where you buy tickets. We will go into the park together as a group and take some photos. If you need to arrive late, you can come anytime. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the rest of the group members!

Have any questions about the event? Please comment here on the site or email us at info @ spli dot com! 🙂

Night of the Nerds

Have you heard about the Night of the Nerds? It’s an amazing event – presented by ICON and Mr. Oblivion – celebrating music and gaming, while raising money for underprivileged children! StreetPass Long Island is happy to be a part of this event, and we are going to be hosting an Amiibo Only Tournament!

WHEN: Thursday, July 16th – Doors open 7PM

WHERE: 89 North Music Venue – 89 N Ocean Ave, Patchogue, New York 11772


This event features live music, cosplay, raffles, gaming and more! Tickets are $10 at the door and the proceeds are going straight to the 826NYC and the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company charity. The event is at 89 North which is a great venue in Patchogue, so this is going to be a fantastic LI gaming event!

Come show your support… and don’t forget to bring your Amiibo! We will be running our classic Singles Tournament format at this event because…. *drum roll please* Night of the Nerds is providing a prize! The winner of the tournament will take home a $20 gift card to Play-N-Trade! Depending on the number of participants, this will be either a single or double elimination tournament.

Tournament Rules:

  • Registration open 7pm. Tournament will start at 8pm! Sorry, we cannot accept new entrants once the tournament begins.
  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • One Amiibo per Entrant
  • Custom Moves & Stats are LEGAL
  • 2 Stock – 6 Minute Time Limit
  • Stage: Small Battlefield
  • No Items
  • Single/Double Elimination format depending on number of participants

Even if you don’t have an Amiibo, you can still come hang out and get StreetPasses from us! We will also have a limited number of SPLI Rental Amiibos, which are some from our personal collection that are fully trained and ready to battle. If you want, you can borrow one of these Rental Amiibos to participate. There will be lots of awesome entertainment at the event too, including live bands and a cosplay contest! Don’t miss this amazing charity event right here on Long Island!


SPLI Amiibo Only Challenge (June)

On June 28th, StreetPass Long Island hosted an Amiibo event at A Store of Fire and Dice in Lynbrook. Instead of our normal tournament format, we decided to try out a new King of the Hill battle style instead. The new format allows us to keep everyone in the game, even if you lose! Competitors can also switch Amiibo figures between rounds and use more of their collection.

The top Amiibo challenger of the day was Eric with his Mario Amiibo named Midway. He had a record of 7 wins and 3 losses for the day!

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New Format: SPLI Amiibo Challenge (June)

Attention all SPLI Amiibo Trainers! Our next Amiibo Only Challenge is coming up THIS SUNDAY (6/28) at A Store of Fire and Dice in Lynbrook, NY and we want everyone to be prepared for our new battle format!

First off, you might be wondering WHY we are changing things up. Please consider the following:

  • Action Replay has recently been released for Amiibos. This means people can cheat and put abilities and stats on their Amiibos that would normally be difficult/impossible to obtain naturally, giving those Amiibos an unfair advantage. Until there is a full list released that includes all possible power-ups, stat changes and abilities that could be available for any particular Amiibo that we could use as a reference, we are not comfortable awarding a “prize” to a winner if in fact the Amiibo could have been trained via Action Replay.
  • SPLI always strives to keep our events fun and FREE. While we always try our best to provide as much as we can for our members, it does get expensive to provide an actual prize on a monthly basis. Without asking for membership dues or event fees, this is the way we have to proceed at this time. We hope that Bragging Rights within the group is a strong enough incentive, especially since we plan to start posting your win-loss records on the SPLI website!

Due to these factors, we’ve decided to change the format of our Amiibo Only events. Until further notice, we will be proceeding with a “King of the Hill” arcade-style format for Amiibo Only Challenges. What does this mean? Well, for one thing… even if you lose a battle, you can keep playing! Let us explain:

An event organizer will start things off by starting the Challenge with one of their Amiibos. For example, Debbie will bring her Bowser Amiibo (who won last month’s Amiibo event) and offer attendees to challenge her Amiibo! Bowser will remain as the challenger until someone beats him. Then that successor will be the new challenger, and everyone will try to beat that Amiibo to try to claim the “King of the Hill” title for the day.

If you should lose your battle, you can always challenge again! You simply go to the back of the line and try again. Who knows, there could be a new challenger by the time your turn comes up again! And what’s more, you can also challenge with MORE THAN ONE Amiibo! If one of your Amiibo figures loses, when you get back in line, you can try out one of your other Amiibo figures on your next turn instead! You will not be limited to one Amiibo in these challenges. We think this will be a better way to proceed so that everyone can continue to play throughout the event, using a larger portion of their collection, instead of losing and being eliminated early on.

We will be keeping track of wins and losses, and the King of the Hill at the end of the event will be the winner for that month. If possible, we’d like to continue where we leave off when it’s time for the next month’s challenge, starting with the previous winner as the starting Challenger.

Amiibo Only Challenge Rules:

  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • Single Battle – 2 Stock – 6 Minute – Small Battlefield
  • Custom moves and stats are LEGAL
  • No Items
  • King of the Hill format

Got questions about the new format? Let us know! Comment here or ask us on Facebook! 🙂

What You Missed: SPLI at Eternal Con!

Last weekend, the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City was host to the 2nd annual Eternal Con, which is Long Island’s pop-culture event of the summer! And just like last year, SPLI was there to represent and support our local Long Island con and we hosted two panels!

Our first panel was “Unleash the Power of Amiibo” where we discussed different Amiibo training strategies and recommended lots of great places to find Amiibo competitions and tournaments. We also had to use this opportunity to show off some of our Amiibo collections, as well as some awesome custom paint jobs!

The second panel hosted by SPLI was the “Ask a Pokemon Gym Leader” panel, which was extremely popular! We filled the room with Pokemon fans who came to learn more about new battle strategies and get tips on what Gym Leaders do to try and outsmart their opponents. It was a lot of fun and we were pumped to see some Pokemon Trainer cosplayers at the panel too!

Check out our photos from Eternal Con, and maybe next year you will join us in the fun!

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