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SPLI Amiibo Only Challenge (June)

On June 28th, StreetPass Long Island hosted an Amiibo event at A Store of Fire and Dice in Lynbrook. Instead of our normal tournament format, we decided to try out a new King of the Hill battle style instead. The new format allows us to keep everyone in the game, even if you lose! Competitors can also switch Amiibo figures between rounds and use more of their collection.

The top Amiibo challenger of the day was Eric with his Mario Amiibo named Midway. He had a record of 7 wins and 3 losses for the day!

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New Format: SPLI Amiibo Challenge (June)

Attention all SPLI Amiibo Trainers! Our next Amiibo Only Challenge is coming up THIS SUNDAY (6/28) at A Store of Fire and Dice in Lynbrook, NY and we want everyone to be prepared for our new battle format!

First off, you might be wondering WHY we are changing things up. Please consider the following:

  • Action Replay has recently been released for Amiibos. This means people can cheat and put abilities and stats on their Amiibos that would normally be difficult/impossible to obtain naturally, giving those Amiibos an unfair advantage. Until there is a full list released that includes all possible power-ups, stat changes and abilities that could be available for any particular Amiibo that we could use as a reference, we are not comfortable awarding a “prize” to a winner if in fact the Amiibo could have been trained via Action Replay.
  • SPLI always strives to keep our events fun and FREE. While we always try our best to provide as much as we can for our members, it does get expensive to provide an actual prize on a monthly basis. Without asking for membership dues or event fees, this is the way we have to proceed at this time. We hope that Bragging Rights within the group is a strong enough incentive, especially since we plan to start posting your win-loss records on the SPLI website!

Due to these factors, we’ve decided to change the format of our Amiibo Only events. Until further notice, we will be proceeding with a “King of the Hill” arcade-style format for Amiibo Only Challenges. What does this mean? Well, for one thing… even if you lose a battle, you can keep playing! Let us explain:

An event organizer will start things off by starting the Challenge with one of their Amiibos. For example, Debbie will bring her Bowser Amiibo (who won last month’s Amiibo event) and offer attendees to challenge her Amiibo! Bowser will remain as the challenger until someone beats him. Then that successor will be the new challenger, and everyone will try to beat that Amiibo to try to claim the “King of the Hill” title for the day.

If you should lose your battle, you can always challenge again! You simply go to the back of the line and try again. Who knows, there could be a new challenger by the time your turn comes up again! And what’s more, you can also challenge with MORE THAN ONE Amiibo! If one of your Amiibo figures loses, when you get back in line, you can try out one of your other Amiibo figures on your next turn instead! You will not be limited to one Amiibo in these challenges. We think this will be a better way to proceed so that everyone can continue to play throughout the event, using a larger portion of their collection, instead of losing and being eliminated early on.

We will be keeping track of wins and losses, and the King of the Hill at the end of the event will be the winner for that month. If possible, we’d like to continue where we leave off when it’s time for the next month’s challenge, starting with the previous winner as the starting Challenger.

Amiibo Only Challenge Rules:

  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • Single Battle – 2 Stock – 6 Minute – Small Battlefield
  • Custom moves and stats are LEGAL
  • No Items
  • King of the Hill format

Got questions about the new format? Let us know! Comment here or ask us on Facebook! 🙂