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What You Missed: SPLI at Eternal Con!

Last weekend, the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City was host to the 2nd annual Eternal Con, which is Long Island’s pop-culture event of the summer! And just like last year, SPLI was there to represent and support our local Long Island con and we hosted two panels!

Our first panel was “Unleash the Power of Amiibo” where we discussed different Amiibo training strategies and recommended lots of great places to find Amiibo competitions and tournaments. We also had to use this opportunity to show off some of our Amiibo collections, as well as some awesome custom paint jobs!

The second panel hosted by SPLI was the “Ask a Pokemon Gym Leader” panel, which was extremely popular! We filled the room with Pokemon fans who came to learn more about new battle strategies and get tips on what Gym Leaders do to try and outsmart their opponents. It was a lot of fun and we were pumped to see some Pokemon Trainer cosplayers at the panel too!

Check out our photos from Eternal Con, and maybe next year you will join us in the fun!

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SPLI at Eternal Con!

SPLI has been very busy preparing for Eternal Con this weekend, June 13 – 14! We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting not one but TWO panels at Eternal Con this year! Both panels will be held on Saturday, June 13th in Panel Room #2. Read below for the deets!

2:00: Unleash the Power of Amiibo!

Nintendo’s Amiibo figures have created quite a stir in the gaming community this year! Retailers are scrambling to keep up with demand, customers are hunting and trading for rare characters, and Smash players are training their Amiibo figures hard for tournaments. StreetPass Long Island has been hosting a monthly Amiibo Tournament series on Long Island and we are ready to answer all of your questions about how to unleash the power of your Amiibo figures!

4:00: Ask a Pokemon Gym Leader
Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Gym Leader? You’ll need a strong team, a battle strategy, as well as experience to be ready for the challenge. The SPLI Pokemon League brings you some of their mono-type Gym Leaders to answer your battle questions, learn how to create team synergy, and maybe show you some new tricks to bring your Pokemon battle skills to the next level!

If you want to check out our newest Panels, you’ll need a ticket to Eternal Con! Weekend passes and single day tickets are still available, so act fast and reserve your spot! Be sure to follow our Event Page on Facebook for all of the latest news. We’ll see ya there!


What You Missed: SPLI at #Apex2015!

#Apex2015 was a tournament that everyone was talking about this past weekend! SPLI was on the scene, as we were planning to host the very first Amiibo Only Tournament at the event on Friday, 1/30. However, due to a bit of a fiasco with the hotel venue, Friday’s events of Apex were canceled. For the full story on the events of Friday, check out Red Bull’s coverage, which explains the situation.

SPLI at #Apex2015

Once the new venue was established in Somerset, NJ we headed down to prepare for a new plan: The Amiibo Only Tournament Double-Header! We held two tournaments on Saturday, and we had a really great turnout! Registration was open during the morning for the first tournament, which was held in Double Elimination format and started at 12:30pm. This exciting tournament lasted for over two hours, and lots of people came to spectate and see how their Amiibo competed against the others. The second SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament was held in the late afternoon, starting at 4:45pm. The second tournament had more entrants, so we held this tournament in Single Elimination format.

Want to check out the Tournament Brackets? View Tournament One here and Tournament Two here!

Our table also had lots of goodies for Nintendo fans! We had posters for Codename: S.T.E.A.M. (demo available now on the eShop!), AC:NL Flower Guides, Pokemon ORAS demo cards, and flyers for the SPLI Pokémon League. Of course, most people were there to check out the Duck Hunt freeplay using the Wii Zapper, and to sign up for the SPLI Amiibo Only Tournaments! Top score of Duck Hunt was 175,000, achieved by Stephen of at Level 11!

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The best part of the event was getting to see all of the cool custom Amiibo paint jobs that competitors were submitting in the tournament. We were blown away by the talent and creativity that we saw in these custom Amiibos! It was also interesting to see which Amiibos were more popular, and which training techniques were the most successful in Amiibo battles. One of the most useful Amiibo abilities that we noticed was the Perfect Exploding Shield. When used correctly, a shield can blow up and launch an opponent while your Amiibo protects itself!


Everyone was having a great time checking out the tournament. We were really surprised that so many people stayed to watch the outcome of the tournament, and there was a lot of hype! (We even noticed a couple of side bets going on among the spectators!) The winners of the tournaments were rewarded with a rare Amiibo figure to take home, so we want to congratulate the winners of the SPLI Amiibo Tournament Double Header at Apex 2015!

Now we’re all very excited to start training our Amiibos even harder, because SPLI is planning to host another Amiibo Only Tournament on Long Island later this year! While we wait for details to be finalized, please consider joining us at our next event, Majora’s Mask Archery on February 19th from 8pm – 10pm!

Thanks to everyone who came down and joined us at the SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament at Apex 2015. We really had a blast and it was great to make some new friends and spread the word about SPLI. See you at the next event!

What You Missed: SPLI at Eternal Con!

On June 14th and 15th, Long Island Comic Con was held at The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY. Known as Eternal Con, this new convention (only in it’s second year) featured many big name vendors and celebrities for pop culture fans to enjoy! StreetPass Long Island wanted to be a part of this amazing local event opportunity, so we hosted an encore presentation of the popular Pokémon X&Y: Competitive Trainer Seminar, which we originally performed at PAX East back in April.

If you weren’t able to attend the event (you should definitely try to go next year!) we have great news! There was a great videographer at the panel who posted the entire panel on YouTube!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Eternal Con this year, we really appreciate your support! We hope you enjoyed the panel, and we plan to go even bigger at Eternal Con next year!

Eternal Con

If you are a Long Islander who is a fan of New York Comic Con, then you might already know about Eternal Con.  If not, then SPLI is here to keep you informed!  Eternal Con is Long Island’s Comic Con, and this year it is going to be held at the Cradle of Aviation in Garden City on June 14th and 15th.  Sounds like a great venue for super hero cosplay and photo ops!


Eternal Con is a fairly new convention and SPLI wants to help make it a success!  We are planning to host a meetup somewhere at the convention, but details are TBD at this time.  If you don’t have a ticket yet, you might be interested to learn that all Weekend (2-Day) Passes include a free ticket to Cosplay Night at CitiField to watch the Mets play against the Brewers on June 12th.

For ticket info, click here now!  For info on SPLI’s meetup at Eternal Con, RSVP on our event page and stay updated on where we are going to meet.  See you there!

PAX Panel: Pokemon X&Y Competitive Trainer Seminar!

Here’s a special treat for all of you attending PAX East 2014 at the Boston Convention and Expo Center:  StreetPass Long Island, StreetPass NYC and The Pocket Players are hosting a Pokemon panel!  It’s called the “Pokemon X&Y: Competitive Trainer Seminar” and our goal is to help you improve your battle skills.  We are going to discuss the different strategies to breed, train and battle using all of the new features that Pokemon X&Y have to offer.


The panel will be located at the Badger Theater at PAX East 2014 on Saturday, April 12th from 1-2pm.  This panel is located within the convention and attendees are required to have an official PAX East badge in order to attend.  Please arrive early as space is limited!

For more information, please click here!


What You Missed: MAGFest 2014!

Last weekend, SPLI Co-Founders Debbie and Jeff traveled down to National Harbor, MD to attend MAGFest 2014!  It was their first time attending, and there was a lot of cool stuff to see and do!

For those who have never been, MAGFest is a convention celebrating Music and Games (get it, MAG?) held at the Gaylord Hotel and Resort, which is a gorgeous and huge location.  In addition to the regular vendor presence that you see at most conventions, MAGFest also has a freeplay arcade, tons of gaming tournaments and panels, and most importantly… musical performances!  There were several scheduled concerts, and even more impromptu DJ setups and musical performances randomly happening in the corridors of the exhibition area.

Since Deb and Jeff try to attend many festivals and conventions like this, at this point they have certain expectations.  Unfortunately, one major flaw of MAGFest was that they did not meet these expectations in certain areas.  The main problem was that MAGFest did not have a Coat Check available for out-of-town guests staying outside of the Gaylord Hotel.  (The Gaylord Hotel is extremely expensive, and Jeff and Deb found a very affordable hotel just outside of town to stay at instead.)  However, they apparently were being penalized for not staying at the hotel, because they were simply told by MAGFest Staff, “Sorry.  We didn’t budget for a coat check and you have to carry your coats around all day.”  A shrug and a half-hearted apology did not make up for the inconvenience.  There was also a lack of food and drink available at MAGFest.  The hotel lobby had a few options, but nothing was set up for the convention goers.  After having great experiences with food options at PAX East and New York Comic Con, this was another “basic need” that MAGFest overlooked.  Despite having hosted MAGFest for 12 years, the MAGFest staff seemed under-prepared for the event, and there was a major lack of customer service.

If you are able to look past this blatant issues with MAGFest, the convention itself was a lot of fun.  There was a great selection of vendors, with many of them selling hand-made wares and fan art.  Retro game collectors had a field day sorting through countless NES, SNES and N64 games (as well as GameBoy, etc.) for sale, and the event seemed very Nintendo-centric, which was nice to see.  However, the most popular area was the Freeplay Arcade.  This was a genius idea – they set up rows and rows of vintage arcade machines and rig them so that you are able to play for free to your heart’s content.  Many of the arcade games were old games that hadn’t been played in years, from the original “Mario Bros.” and “Punch Out!” to random classics like “Food Fight!”  People were lining up to play some of the more popular titles.

In addition to the vintage arcade games, there were lots of other retro gaming systems available for people to play.  There was an entire section of Tabletop Games, such as “Donkey Kong Jr.” and there was even a working Virtual Boy for those who wanted to try out some old school 3D action!

Tournaments and gaming events were another big part of MAGFest.  There was an entire gigantic room set up for special organized Tournaments, such as Rock Band Singers and Pokemon Puzzle League, and the action was projected onto huge screens for spectators to watch.  Unfortunately there was a horrible funky stench in this area, so the Tournaments weren’t as jam-packed as one would expect.  Luckily, there was a MAGFest Pokemon League that was stationed just outside of the stinky room, so Jeff was able to take on the MAGFest Gym Leaders without needing a gas mask.

The highlight of MAGFest for the SPLI Co-Founders was definitely the live performance by the Triforce Quartet.  Hundreds of Nintendo fans flocked to the concert hall to hear this four piece orchestra play some Nintendo themes and medleys.  Debbie attempted to record the performance using her cell phone.  While the audio quality of her phone wasn’t great and the video is pretty shaky, you can definitely get a good feel of the music from these videos so check them out!

SPLI is going to MAGFest 2014!


StreetPass Long Island’s Co-Founders Debbie & Jeff are going to be attending MAGFEST 2014 in National Harbor, MD in 2014!  The event starts on Thursday, January 2nd and continues (non-stop!) through Sunday, January 5th.  Due to work obligations, Deb & Jeff won’t be driving down to Maryland until Friday afternoon, but will still have plenty of time to enjoy the festival.  It will be their first time attending this convention, and they will bring you full coverage if you aren’t able to take the trip.

For those of you who ARE planning to attend MAGFEST 2014, an event page has been created on Facebook to allow SPLI members to coordinate w/Debbie and Jeff for a mini-meetup!  Let them know when & where you can be found and you can play some StreetPass games with the Co-Founders.  See you there, and rock on!

SPLI Proposal at the Pokemon X&Y Launch Event!

(This blog entry originally appeared on the Glux Blog, written by SPLI Co-Founder Debbie G.)

Friday, October 11, 2013 was a night I will NEVER forget!  It was the night of the Pokemon X&Y Launch Party in NYC, and also the day before the “Nintendo Communities: StreetPass, Pokemon and Beyond!” panel at New York Comic Con.

The Pokemon X&Y Launch Event was looking to be like an out of control party.  People had been lining up for days in front of the Nintendo World Store to attend the event and be some of the first people to buy the newest generation of Pokemon games.  Unfortunately, I had arrived late with JDubz and a group of friends, and we were placed wayyyyy back in the line, which was by that time wrapped around 49th Street towards 5th Ave.  (Nintendo World Store is on 48th Street – the line was literally wrapping around the entire block!)  I was feeling upset because I wasn’t sure if we were ever going to get into the Event, which was set up with a large stage, a DJ booth, demo stations, inflatable Pokemon Starters, and so much more.

Eventually, JDubz and I heard word that since we were panelists for the upcoming Nintendo panel the following day, that we would be given VIP bracelets and would finally be able to get into the event!  Hooray!  We made it into the staging area and started collecting the cool swag they were giving out, such as paper hats for the different starters, a Pokeball cartridge holder, art cards from the games, as well as posters.  (I heard that other people got X&Y Dog Tags and pins… no idea where those were being given out lol!)

After a few minutes checking out the pandemonium of the event – there were hundreds of people in the area! – I was approached by a Pokemon staff member, asking if I wanted to join a costume contest.  Since I was in my Pikachu cosplay outfit, I figured why not and headed backstage.  The staff members kept adding more cosplayers, but made me stand at the end of the line for some reason.  I didn’t read too much into it.

When it was my turn to go up and show off my costume, the hostess was acting kind of weird and so was the Pikachu mascot.  We were dancing around and suddenly the hostess declared that Pikachu had something to say and that she needed a translator.  Of course, I tried to volunteer, since I too was Pikachu that day, but they ignored me.  Suddenly, JDubz appeared on the opposite side of the stage, offering to translate.  Pushing past Pikachu, JDubz said, “Debbie [Gluxbox] I choose you!”  Then he dropped to one knee, and produced a custom-made Pokeball with a diamond ring inside, and said, “Will you marry me?”


It was an incredible moment.  Hundreds of people were cheering and screaming.  I pulled JDubz up and gave him a big kiss.  And then I grabbed the mic from the hostess to confirm, “Yes!  I SAY YES!!!”  JDubz began whispering in my ear that he had been working with Nintendo of America and The Pokemon Company for the past nine months to orchestrate this proposal.  There are no words to properly express how I was feeling.  Flabbergasted?  Overwhelmed with joy?  Incredible???  A combination of those and every other emotion.  I was crying tears of joy and feeling on top of the world.  This was such a romantic, sweet and unique proposal and I never saw it coming!


If all of this wasn’t cool enough, we were amazed when we started seeing people sharing articles on Facebook and Twitter posts about JDubz’s proposal before we’d even announced it to our families.  Websites like Kotaku and Nintendo Enthusiast were covering the story, and we even got a personal “Congratulations” from Nintendo of America’s Twitter page!  There are several videos of the proposal on both Vine and YouTube, so I’ll post a few links here in the blog.  If you see any photos or videos that I haven’t shared here in this blog, then that means I haven’t seen it yet!  Please send me any photos/videos from JDubz’s proposal to!  Thanks to everyone who sent their well-wishes to us, we couldn’t be happier!

I promise I will write another blog about NYCC and the StreetPass Panel very soon.  Just let me enjoy Cloud Nine for a few more days please!  😀

StreetPass Panel Info!

New York Comic Con is less than one week away, and here at StreetPass Long Island we are so excited!  Co-Founders Debbie and Jeff are going to be panelists at the first-ever StreetPass Panel to be held at New York Comic Con, backed by Nintendo of America and The Pokemon Company International.  We hope that all fans of the Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon X&Y will come to this panel, exclusively at New York Comic Con!


Date: Saturday, October 12
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Location: New York Comic Con, Javits Center Room 1A10

Speakers: Debbie Lee Gluzband, Geoffrey Kappenberg, Jeff Weinstein, Jordan White, Keith C. Smithsen, Matthew Rodriguez

The Nintendo 3DS is more than a portable video game system. With revolutionary concepts such as StreetPass and the Nintendo Network, it has sparked more local and global social interaction among gamers than any other portable video game device before it. With the release of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y on October 12, 2013, join some of these social groups such as StreetPass NYC, StreetPass Long Island, Pokemon DS NYC and the Official NYC Pokemon Castelia League as they show how the newest entry in the Pokemon phenomenon will bring Nintendo fans closer together around the world!