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What You Missed: SPLI at #Apex2015!

#Apex2015 was a tournament that everyone was talking about this past weekend! SPLI was on the scene, as we were planning to host the very first Amiibo Only Tournament at the event on Friday, 1/30. However, due to a bit of a fiasco with the hotel venue, Friday’s events of Apex were canceled. For the full story on the events of Friday, check out Red Bull’s coverage, which explains the situation.

SPLI at #Apex2015

Once the new venue was established in Somerset, NJ we headed down to prepare for a new plan: The Amiibo Only Tournament Double-Header! We held two tournaments on Saturday, and we had a really great turnout! Registration was open during the morning for the first tournament, which was held in Double Elimination format and started at 12:30pm. This exciting tournament lasted for over two hours, and lots of people came to spectate and see how their Amiibo competed against the others. The second SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament was held in the late afternoon, starting at 4:45pm. The second tournament had more entrants, so we held this tournament in Single Elimination format.

Want to check out the Tournament Brackets? View Tournament One here and Tournament Two here!

Our table also had lots of goodies for Nintendo fans! We had posters for Codename: S.T.E.A.M. (demo available now on the eShop!), AC:NL Flower Guides, Pokemon ORAS demo cards, and flyers for the SPLI Pokémon League. Of course, most people were there to check out the Duck Hunt freeplay using the Wii Zapper, and to sign up for the SPLI Amiibo Only Tournaments! Top score of Duck Hunt was 175,000, achieved by Stephen of TheArmedGamer.com at Level 11!

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The best part of the event was getting to see all of the cool custom Amiibo paint jobs that competitors were submitting in the tournament. We were blown away by the talent and creativity that we saw in these custom Amiibos! It was also interesting to see which Amiibos were more popular, and which training techniques were the most successful in Amiibo battles. One of the most useful Amiibo abilities that we noticed was the Perfect Exploding Shield. When used correctly, a shield can blow up and launch an opponent while your Amiibo protects itself!


Everyone was having a great time checking out the tournament. We were really surprised that so many people stayed to watch the outcome of the tournament, and there was a lot of hype! (We even noticed a couple of side bets going on among the spectators!) The winners of the tournaments were rewarded with a rare Amiibo figure to take home, so we want to congratulate the winners of the SPLI Amiibo Tournament Double Header at Apex 2015!

Now we’re all very excited to start training our Amiibos even harder, because SPLI is planning to host another Amiibo Only Tournament on Long Island later this year! While we wait for details to be finalized, please consider joining us at our next event, Majora’s Mask Archery on February 19th from 8pm – 10pm!

Thanks to everyone who came down and joined us at the SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament at Apex 2015. We really had a blast and it was great to make some new friends and spread the word about SPLI. See you at the next event!