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SPLI Amiibo Only Tournament at #Apex2015!


StreetPass Long Island is hosting an Amiibo Only
Smash Wii U Tournament at Apex 2015!

Visit the SPLI table at Apex 2015 on January 30th & 31st to enter your Level 50 Amiibo in the Amiibo Only Smash Wii U Tournament! Entry is FREE (Apex registration required) and all participants will receive a free official Nintendo sticker label for their Amiibo! We are running a Tournament on Friday 1/30 and Saturday 1/31. At the end of each Tournament, the top winner of each day will receive a rare Amiibo figure!

Tournament Rules:

  • Registration open 12 – 2pm Friday & Saturday!
  • Level 50 Amiibo Recommended
  • One Amiibo per Entrant
  • Custom Moves & Stats are LEGAL
  • 2 Stock – 6 Minute Time Limit
  • Stage: Small Battlefield
  • No Items
  • Single/Double Elimination format depending on number of participants

We will also be StreetPassing the Eon Ticket for Pokemon OR/AS, as well as hosting friendly Pokemon battles and Duck Hunt shooting, so be sure to stop by the StreetPass Long Island table at Apex 2015 in Seacaucus, NJ!

Registration will run from 12 – 2PM. Tournament will start by 2:30PM. If your Amiibo loses, you can pick it up at any time after it is scanned out of the Wii U system.

You must be a registered attendee of Apex 2015 in order to participate! Visit www.apex-series.com to learn more.

Note: Tournament rules are subject to change, as the number of participants may affect how the Tournament is run. All entrants are expected to bring their own Amiibo. Entrants will be allowed to leave their Amiibo at the SPLI table (at their own risk, but obviously we’ll be keeping an eye on everything!) while they play in their Apex Tournaments, but all Amiibos must be picked up by 6pm. Visit the SPLI table for full Amiibo Tournament rules and conditions.