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“I Luv SPLI” Poetry Winners

StreetPass Long Island recently concluded the “I Luv SPLI” Poetry Contest for Valentine’s Day.  All winners will receive a Shiny Luvdisc holding an Ability Capsule.  Now we are proud to present the top winning poems!

1st Place – Lissanne L.

SP-L-I (or 33 Pokemon hidden in 16 lines of a florid love poem)

SP on! Probe…Oh! Pass you!
Ho, ho, ho, I must rate you.
Be sharp and flow it ‘Fantastic’
And from you, your sprite’s beauty flies
Cherry be your hair and inky sable eyes.

‘Ell hath Dark Rays that tore us apart.
Zap dose thoughts thrown from my heart.
With a spear. Oh, Fear, oh rapid dash
To the Unknown, a Tranquil crash.
Happiny ever after.

I peek at you and Venus soars,
Lifts me spir’t from gloom’s doors.
Nine tales from you, all evil tales fracture far
A slow king grovels to Scherazade’s star.
You have stories to seal in me like a star.
Me and you, SPLI.

2nd Place – Jordan W.

Joining from an early stage,
On accomplishing group resurrection,
Rewriting gaming history on every page,
Driving up the region’s gaming perception,
Another group but not the ordinary,
Now thrusted in lime’s light,
Lovers profess on pocket monsters scary,
Officially great in their own right,
Valor and spirit enthused from each member,
Each with 3DS in hand,
StreetPassing as gone a twitter,
Supporting Nintendo’s greatest fans,
Please continue into future’s hands,
Lined up with fun events,
I’ve been very fortunate to know you all with time well spent.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  We “luv” you too!