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What You Missed: National StreetPass Weekend Meetup!

Nintendo treated their 3DS fans to a really fun National StreetPass Weekend from 12/13 – 12/15!  Any 3DS owner who visited their local Nintendo Zone with StreetPass Relay were treated to a shuffle of StreetPass Relay tags, allowing US gamers to get StreetPass tags from other states and even other countries!  StreetPass Long Island hosted a local event to celebrate National StreetPass Weekend by organizing members to meet at a local Starbucks in Uniondale, NY on Sunday, 12/15 from 2:30 – 4:30pm!

To make the event even MORE exciting for members, StreetPass Long Island handed out free giveaways: The Legend of Zelda Treasure Chests!  These awesome items were provided by Nintendo and GolinHarris (thank you NoA!!) and SPLI members were ecstatic to receive them!

Despite there being a huge snowstorm the day before, StreetPass Long Island members came to Sunday’s meetup in droves and Starbucks was delighted to be overwhelmed with customers.  SPLI members gathered to collect StreetPasses (some members received StreetPass tags from the west coast, Europe and even Japan thanks to the StreetPass Relay Shuffle during the event!) and played popular 3DS games together, like Pokemon X&Y and Mario Kart 7.

StreetPass Long Island was happy to welcome some new members and first-time meetup attendees at this event, while also hanging out and having fun with our regular members and SPLI Admin staff.  Everyone had a great time, some members even stayed to hang out for almost an hour after the event officially ended!  SPLI Co-Founders Jeff and Debbie also used this opportunity to drop some hints about upcoming meetup events planned for 2014.  Afterwards they announced that the [Second Annual] 2013 SPLI AWARDS: Voting Phase was about to open to the public, giving fans a chance to vote for their favorite Nintendo games and SPLI Events from the past year.

Every StreetPass Long Island member who attended gave us great feedback and we all hope that Nintendo organizes another National StreetPass event next year!  The StreetPass Relay Shuffle added a lot of buzz and excitement to the group and we really enjoyed it!  Thank you Nintendo for helping us to end 2013 with a great meetup event!