SPLI Anniversary Party & Pokemon Gen V Send-Off!



TIME: Registration for the Tournament starts at 11AM. Full schedule of events to follow.

RSVP: SPLI Event Page on Facebook

StreetPass Long Island is celebrating our First Anniversary! Join us as we host a party to honor this accomplishment, as well as to give Pokemon Generation V a proper send-off before the latest games, Pokemon X & Y are released!

SPLIPokemonPartyFlyer2Activities Will Include:

~ Pokemon Gen V Tournament
~ Pokemon Cosplay Contest
~ Pokemon “Rarest Plushie” Contest
~ Fun Fest Lounge
~ Pokedex 3D Pro Quizzes… and more!

MORE DETAILS TO COME!! Check back soon!


– All competitors must bring their own copy of Gen 5 Pokemon (Black, Black 2, White or White 2)
– We suggest all competitors bring their own DS compatible console (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3ds, 3ds XL).

We will make a more detailed post about the event as the date draws near.  Keep AUGUST 18TH open in your calendars and help SPLI celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary – POKEMON STYLE!!!  😀

What You Missed: Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party!

Last weekend, on June 23rd, StreetPass Long Island hosted the Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party at the Clark Botanic Gardens in Albertson, NY.  We had an intimate gathering of enthusiastic Animal Crossing fans who came to tour Long Island’s botanical gardens and play Animal Crossing New Leaf via local wireless!

We walked around the gardens, found plenty of Public Works (“OMG a lamp post!” lol), saw some real-life tadpoles, and found inspiration for creating our own floral arrangements in our Animal Crossing towns!  After the tour, we settled into the picnic area to play some local wireless.  StreetPass Long Island handed out fan-made (created by SPLI Co-Founder, Debbie!) “Hybrid Flower Guides”, which included gardening tips, a flower checklist, and a color matchup chart for spawning hybrids in-game.

For the local wireless portion of the event, SPLI attendees were treated to free flower seeds, tree saplings and shrub starters for their Animal Crossing New Leaf games (provided by Debbie’s Japanese Animal Crossing New Leaf town, which she has been playing since January – no cheating, time traveling or hacking here!).  There was also an in-game scavenger hunt for Nintendo themed items and silver tools!  At the end we also had in-game prizes for the player with the highest HRA score (awarded the StreetPass prize pack, including ice cream cones and balloons!) and the player who had the most fossils donated to their town’s Museum (awarded the Silver Tool starter pack, including a silver net, rod, shovel and slingshot!).

We hope everyone had a great time at the Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party!  Let’s do this again soon!

StreetPass Long Island Group Photo

SPLI Nintendo Coverage at E3!

Here are StreetPass Long Island’s Highlights from E3!

Arriving at the LA Convention Center!

At the Nintendo Booth

Outside the Nintendo Booth. Quite an impressive set-up!
So many different demos to try!
Super Mario 3D World Demo for Wii U! Beautiful HD graphics.
Sneak Peek at Super Luigi U DLC coming out soon on Wii U!
Really cool Pikmin 3 display! Can’t wait for this game!
Mario Kart 8 Demo! Motorbikes are BACK!!
JDubz posing in a real life Mario Kart!
Game & Wario coming soon to Wii U! A great party game!
JDubz trying out the Wind Waker HD Demo. Very impressive!

Footage of the prizes from the Nintendo 3DS Demo Booth

We won some Mario Kart flags, a Wind Waker HD T-Shirt and a Blooper Plush!
The coveted Wind Waker HD T-Shirt prize!
Animal Crossing New Leaf fans got a special StreetPass from Reggie at the Happy Home Showcase when they visited the Nintendo Booth at E3!

Third-Party Nintendo Merchandise

Cool retro Mario statue on display!
Nintendo 3DS cases, styluses, game cases… oh my!
Pokemon X&Y Merchandise Preview!

Third-Party Software Titles

The Disney Infinity Booth! Giveaways at this booth included Disney Infinity Figures (to be used in-game when it is released!) and Disney themed custom t-shirts!
SEGA Booth! “Sonic Lost World” was the big title here.
Sonic Lost World Demo! It was really cool, 3D graphics and Sonic is faster than ever! This game had a real Mario Galaxy vibe, can’t wait til it is released!
Skylanders Booth! Those who stood in line were given a chance to spin a wheel to win a free Skylanders Giants figure! We won a “Hot Dog.” The figure in this photo is actually a giant statue that was on display at the booth!
Natsume’s Booth featured the upcoming Home Town Story, an adorable game where you build up and run your Grandmother’s shop! There was a really cute dragon plushie giveaway for those who took the time to play all the Natsume demos.
Of course we had to try the Duck Tales game demo! There was also a karaoke booth for those who wanted to sing along to the Duck Tales theme song for a video montage!

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Concert

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert was held at the famous Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

In conclusion, here is some videos we recorded at the concert.  Sorry for the shaky/blurry footage, but it’s really just about the music right?  The audio isn’t really fantastic either… guess you’ll just have to go see the Symphony for yourself to get the full experience!  🙂

This music is from the Spirit Tracks segment of the Symphony.

This music is from the Wind Waker segment of the Symphony.

We hope you enjoyed our E3 Coverage!


DATE:  SUNDAY – 6/23/13



RSVP: SPLI Facebook Event Page

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WIFI EVENT! THIS IS A STREETPASS EVENT!  The Clark Botanic Gardens are located mere steps from the LIRR Albertson Train Station, making it easily accessible via a transfer to the Oyster Bay line, via either Jamaica or Mineola Train Station.

Calling All Mayors! Need to spruce up your new Animal Crossing New Leaf towns? Come to StreetPass Long Island’s “Super Awesome AC:NL Garden Party” for FREE IN-GAME GIVEAWAYS, sponsored by Mayor Neko of Wasabi Village.

Giveaways will include:
– Roses
– Cosmos
– Pansies
– Lillies (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Tulips
– Violets (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Bamboo (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Apples
– Oranges
– Peaches
– Cherries
– Coconuts
– Pears (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Persimmons (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Durians (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Bananas (NEW in AC:NL!)
– Coconuts
– Silver Garden Tools (Shovels, Nets, Slingshots and Fishing Rods)
(More info on Mayor Neko and Wasabi Village can be found at the Glux Blog: gluxbox.wordpress.com)

Gardening often plays a big role in Animal Crossing. While we peruse the beautiful Clark Botanic Gardens, we will discuss the best strategies for blooming hybrids in your AC:NL town!

Be sure to have your StreetPass settings turned ON in the game to fill up your StreetPass Plaza!

The Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party will be held at the beautiful Clark Botanic Gardens in Albertson, NY. It is literally a 2 second walk from the Albertson train station.


By car:
Northern State Parkway: Take exit 29 (Roslyn Road), turn South onto Roslyn Road, then right onto I.U. Willets Road, followed by a right into the Clark Botanic Garden parking field, just before the railroad crossing.

Long Island Expressway: Take exit 37, and turn South onto Willis Ave. Go about 1 mile, and then turn left onto I. U. Willets Road. Go approx. 4 blocks, crossing over railroad tracks. Clark Garden is on your left.

By train:
Take any LIRR train to Jamaica Station. At Jamaica, transfer to the Oyster Bay Line (light green line – check your timetables!). Albertson station is a 20 minute train ride from Jamaica station. The Garden is immediately east of the station.  Insider’s Tip:  You can also transfer to the Oyster Bay line from the Mineola train station, so if you are coming from Huntington, Ronkonkoma or Farmingdale, you don’t have to ride all the way to Jamaica to reach the Oyster Bay line!

By bus:
N23 or N27 bus to I.U. Willets Road, then walk east 1/4 mile.

What You Missed: CROSSFIRE II!


If you know anything about the Smash Community on Long Island, then you know about CROSSFIRE II!  This massive tournament, hosted by StreetPass admin The DuL0R, featured competitions in both double and single battle in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Project M.  Over 80 competitors participated in CROSSFIRE II, which was held at Empire Gaming in Farmingdale, NY. StreetPass Long Island held a 3DS Friendlies Competition, which included Mario Kart 7, Pokemon B&W2 and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

For the full results of the CROSSFIRE II Tournament, visit the Smash Boards page.

You can also watch a replay of the live stream that was running during the event, on the CLASH Stream Channel on Twitch TV.


What You Missed: SPLI April Birthday Bash!

To celebrate the birthdays of several StreetPass Long Island group members, a meet up was planned at Dave & Busters in Farmingdale, NY on 4/28/2013.  The group had a lot of fun playing arcade games like Pac Man Battle Royale and Skee-Ball, and of course made time to play Mario Kart 7 and Find Mii II!  A cake was served to celebrate the birthdays of 4 different members in attendance.  Happy Birthday April Babies!

For the latest information regarding upcoming events, please like the StreetPass Long Island Fan Page on Facebook or click on the Calendar button in the menu.

StreetPass Long Island Group Photo
Playing Pac Man Battle Royale!
Birthday Cake!
Getting everyone in the Photo Booth is not easy!
The SPLI 3DS Collection

StreetPass Long Island at PAX!

Ever been to the PAX East Convention?  It’s held in Boston, MA every year, and it’s awesome!  SPLI got to experience the Epic Expo first hand this year, and attended PAX from 3/22 – 3/24.  StreetPass Long Island Co-Founders GluxBox and JDubz drove up to New England to enjoy the Expo, but there was a bigger reason that they were there.  That reason was that GluxBox (real name Debbie G. lol) was invited to be a Speaker at the PAX East 2013 StreetPass Panel!  Other speakers at the StreetPass Panel included StreetPass Princeton’s Nicholas and Robert Oehlberg, Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson of Empire Arcadia, and Ryan Morrison of Island Officials.

Over 100 eager StreetPassers came down to learn how to start up StreetPass groups in their home town, get some free Perler Bead prizes, and of course to add to their endless stream of Mii’s in their 3DS’ StreetPass Mii Plaza.  The panel itself was an hour long, and JDubz was kind enough to record the entire Panel on his Flipcam.  In case you don’t have time to watch the entire Panel, here are the SPLI Highlights.  (We spoke about other groups and topics too, but since this is the StreetPass Long Island website, we’ll stick with SPLI-centric clips.)

Panelist Introductions:

StreetPass Long Island Overview:

What’s to Come for SPLI:

To view the entire Panel, visit StreetPass Long Island’s PAX East Playlist.

What You Missed: CROSSFIRE 3.16.13

For Long Island gamers, Farmingdale was the place to brawl on 3.16.13!  With over 75 competitors, the new CROSSFIRE Series by theDuL0R and ANTi was a huge success!  Competing in the top Smash games (Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Project M), gamers came to compete for cash prizes in both Singles and Doubles Tournaments.

The CROSSFIRE Event Series is held at Empire Gaming & Comics, located at 337 Main Street in Farmingdale, NY.  Empire Gaming has a great space for all of our Wii and GC Set Ups, and we plan to return for many future events there!

In addition to the huge Brawl Tournament, Empire Gaming was really awesome and set up a “StreetPass Lounge” complete with couches and an N64 for some old school Brawling!  Taking advantage of this extra space, StreetPass Long Island set up shop in the StreetPass Lounge.  Free pizza and sodas were given out, and friendly matches of Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed 3DS and Mario Kart 7 were ongoing!  We were even able to get our first group photo of some of our SPLI members!  (Sorry to those who arrived later and were not around when this picture was taken!  Next time!!)

Due to the HUGE success of the CROSSFIRE event series, there will be more installments in the near future!  Check back in May for more details!  Hope to see you at Empire Gaming!

PS – Check the Smash Boards for the results of CROSSFIRE!

ANTi & theDuL0R Present: CROSSFIRE

Come down to Empire Gaming & Comics (337 Main Street, Farmingdale) for CROSSFIRE!

CROSSFIRE is a new Super Smash Bros Tournament Series ran by SPLI Admin theDuL0R and, top Brawl player, ANTi!


There will be a separate Street Pass event that will be FREE for anyone just coming to hang out and street pass with the group! All pricing (venue fee and tournament fees) are for only those who will be participating in the tournaments!! So if you are just there to hang out and get some puzzle pieces, or you’re trying to defeat those nasty enemies on Find Mii…you can come and hang out for free!!!

Meloetta Event/Union Room Meetup

Get StreetPasses with SPLI as you download your GameStop Mystery Gift Meloetta! Come down to the Oceanside GameStop where SPLI will be battling, trading and talking about Pokemon!


Kohl’s Oceanside GameStop
3578 Long Beach Rd.
Oceanside, NY 11572


4PM – 6PM

For the Meloetta Mystery Gift, you are required to have a copy of Pokemon Black/White 2.

For StreetPasses, you must own a 3DS system. If you are using Pokemon in your 3DS system, remember to save, return to the Home menu and put your 3DS in sleep mode to get a StreetPass!

RSVP on the Facebook Event Page today!

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