What You Missed: Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party!

Last weekend, on June 23rd, StreetPass Long Island hosted the Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party at the Clark Botanic Gardens in Albertson, NY.  We had an intimate gathering of enthusiastic Animal Crossing fans who came to tour Long Island’s botanical gardens and play Animal Crossing New Leaf via local wireless!

We walked around the gardens, found plenty of Public Works (“OMG a lamp post!” lol), saw some real-life tadpoles, and found inspiration for creating our own floral arrangements in our Animal Crossing towns!  After the tour, we settled into the picnic area to play some local wireless.  StreetPass Long Island handed out fan-made (created by SPLI Co-Founder, Debbie!) “Hybrid Flower Guides”, which included gardening tips, a flower checklist, and a color matchup chart for spawning hybrids in-game.

For the local wireless portion of the event, SPLI attendees were treated to free flower seeds, tree saplings and shrub starters for their Animal Crossing New Leaf games (provided by Debbie’s Japanese Animal Crossing New Leaf town, which she has been playing since January – no cheating, time traveling or hacking here!).  There was also an in-game scavenger hunt for Nintendo themed items and silver tools!  At the end we also had in-game prizes for the player with the highest HRA score (awarded the StreetPass prize pack, including ice cream cones and balloons!) and the player who had the most fossils donated to their town’s Museum (awarded the Silver Tool starter pack, including a silver net, rod, shovel and slingshot!).

We hope everyone had a great time at the Super Awesome ACNL Garden Party!  Let’s do this again soon!

StreetPass Long Island Group Photo