E4 Challenge – What You Need to Know

The SPLI Pokemon League Elite Four Challenge is almost upon us! We’ve been sharing little tips about the E4 (the fourth Gym’s spotlight article is coming this weekend!) and we know that everyone is really excited to battle! But as this is not a tournament, there may be some confusion as to how this event is going to work! We wanted to give you guys an overview on what to expect at our event on Sunday, 3/15 at GameHut in Babylon, NY.

  • This is not a formal organized tournament. This is a low-key event, you are not penalized if you can’t stay for the entirety or if you show up late. No stress!
  • We are trying to emulate the Pokemon League in real life. So naturally, all challengers will need 8 Gym Badges before they can challenge the Elite Four.
  • Regular Gym Leaders will be on hand to accept challenges at the event. They will be wearing name tags and they will be keeping record! All challengers must successfully BEAT 8 Regular Gym Leaders in order to earn the right to face the Elite Four.
  • When facing the Regular Gym Leaders, challengers are allowed to change their Pokemon teams. Just like in the videogame! Keep type match-ups in mind and choose the best Pokemon to beat the Gym you are challenging.
  • The Elite Four consists of 3 Singles Gyms and 1 Doubles Gym. Just like in the game, all challengers must earn 4 CONSECUTIVE WINS AGAINST THE ELITE FOUR to be named a Pokemon League Champion.
  • All challengers MUST use the SAME TEAM when facing the Elite Four. Since there are 3 Singles Gyms and 1 Doubles, we will allow you to change your team once, ONLY when facing the Doubles Gym (Ghost). Changing moveset w/TM’s between Gym battles is ALLOWED. Again, just like in the videogame!
  • The first ten participants to successfully earn 8 Gym Badges and earn the right to challenge the Elite Four will get a small prize! (One per challenger, while supplies last.)

Got any questions about the event or the rules? Please contact us on the Event Page or send us an email at info@spli.org! See you on Sunday, and good luck!