Gym Leader Spotlight: Elite Four – Ghost Type!

StreetPass Long Island is proud to share the next of our Gym Leader Spotlights for the SPLI Pokémon League! If you don’t know about the SPLI Pokémon League, then you should definitely click the links for the league’s main page, which explains how the league works! You can challenge any Gym Leader by selecting their Gym from the League dropdown menu and submitting a challenge using the form on the Gym page. If you’d like to apply to be a Gym Leader, please send us an email and we might put you on the waiting list for next season!

In anticipation of the upcoming SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge on Sunday, March 15th, we wanted to introduce to you one of our Elite Four Gym Leaders!

Elite Four: Ghost Gym Spotlight

Gym Leader: Wolf Atlas

Battle Format: Doubles – Normal Rules

Accepting Challenges: Sunday, March 15th from 5pm-8pm at the SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge at GameHut in Babylon, NY

Gym Leader Interview

SPLI: The SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge is only a few days away! For those who have been busy prepping, we’d like to share a little information about your team. What made you want to be the Ghost Gym Leader?

Wolf Atlas: Ghost Pokemon help you hone your skills in a different way. Battling is not about just strength, it is also about wisdom and smarts. Without these as well, you won’t get far in life.

SPLI: That’s true, those are very important qualities! You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this. But how did you choose your Gym’s format?

Wolf Atlas:  Double battles offer more to the table. Testing one trainer’s ability to handle 2 Pokemon over 1 will bring more out of them.

SPLI: Are there any tips or hints that you would like to share on how to prepare to challenge your Ghost team?

Wolf Atlas: As long as you have good synergy with your team you should be fine.

SPLI: Looks like you are all set to take on challengers at the SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge! What other games do you play in your spare time? 

Wolf Atlas: Check out my Youtube channel nighthawk12211 where I upload gaming content for fun. Games such as Pokemon, Smash 4 and more are played on this channel.

SPLI: Awesome, we’ll definitely check it out! And to everyone else, don’t forget that you need to earn the right to battle the SPLI Elite Four by beating 8 regular Gym Leaders! Come to the SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge on 3/15 and battle your way to the top!

If you would like to challenge Wolf Atlas and the Ghost Gym, you must first have beaten 8 regular Gym Leaders from the SPLI Pokemon League either via WIFI or at our SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge! Once you have 8 wins against the SPLI Gym Leaders, then all you have to do is wait for the event on 3/15! Until then, you can also scan Wolf Atlas’ Secret Base QR code, which has a small preview of his Ghost Gym team!