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Shy Guy Event: Wii U Launch in Baldwin

Come join the Co-Founders of SPLI as they wait in line at the Best Buy in Baldwin, NY on Sunday, November 18th. We plan on being there EXTREMELY early in the morning to ensure that our preorders for the new Wii U console will be fulfilled. Please feel free to stop by and get a StreetPass from us!

Location: 660 Sunrise Highway, Baldwin, NY 11510
Time: TBD but we should be there by 6am at the latest. Check the Facebook Event page for more details!

Note: A Shy Guy Event is not a regular SPLI Event. You don’t have to introduce yourself if you don’t want, you can just silently get a StreetPass if you prefer. (Hence the “shy guy” title, if you’re shy you can still attend!) It’s up to you if you want to come over and say hi.