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The “I Luv SPLI” Poetry Contest


Valentine’s Day is coming up on 2/14! But even if you don’t have a Valentine this year… you still “luv” SPLI, don’t you? Show us how much you “luv” us by writing a haiku, a romantic poem, maybe a funny limerick!

Ten winners will be selected, and the prize is a Shiny Luvdisc holding an Ability Capsule for your Pokemon X or Y game!

To enter, simply visit this link and submit your poem today: http://bit.ly/ILuvSPLI

The contest will be open starting today 2/2/14 and will close on 2/16/14.  The winners will be chosen and informed of their prize shortly after the 16th.  All winning poems will be featured on the SPLI Fan Page, Group, Twitter and Website!