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SPLI’s 30+ Person Funfest Mission Details

Entralink in Pokemon B2/W2

At our upcoming First Anniversary/Pokemon Gen 5 Send-Off Party, StreetPass Long Island is going to be hosting Funfest Missions for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 throughout the day.  Our goal is to obtain one of the hardest achievements in the game, having 30 People in one Funfest Mission!  With over 50 people RSVP’ing yes to our event, we are finally going to get this Medal!  All we have to do is coordinate a little bit.  Just follow these simple instructions, brought to you by some jolly good blokes in the UK who pulled off this feat back in May:

…there is a Medal system in the game which essentially [is] a list of tasks to complete within the game. There are however, 2 problem medals which are to have 30 people in one Funfest Mission (These are minigames, you can learn more about them here: http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/fun … sion.shtml) and to earn 1,000 points in a Funfest mission. These are both impossible without a decent amount of people to play with.

What you’ll need:

1. One of the following: A Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS or 3DS XL.
2. A copy of either Pokémon Black 2 or White 2.
3. Have the C-Gear turned on.
4. The “Find Lost Items!” Funfest mission. To unlock this you will need to have completed the “Collect Berries!” Funfest mission.
5. Preferably have Level 3 of the “Find Lost Items!” Mission unlocked. You can do this my completing Level 1 and 2.
6. Have access to Driftveil City (The city with the 5th badge that is next to the Pokémon World Tournament.)

How to play in the event:

1. Go to Driftveil City and take one step onto the Driftveil Drawbridge (From the Driftveil side, not the Nimbasa City side).
2. On the C-Gear, select “Wireless” and then “Extralink”.
3. Talk to the “Entree” (The thing in the middle) and then select “Accept a Funfest Mission”.
4. Choose “Find Lost Items!” and select “Level 3” (Move the D-Pad right with the mission hilighted to do this). If the mission isn’t there, select “Collect Berries!” and play through that, this should unlock it. Then you should complete “Level 1” and “Level 2”. (Don’t worry if you are having trouble, this method will explain how to do VERY well).
5. When the mission starts (On any level) make your way across the Driftveil Drawbridge and collect all of the items you see (These are the shiny things) and head east to Route 5.
6. Collect the items on Route 5 and don’t bother with the ones in the grass, time is too precious for backtracking or random battles.
7. Enter Nimbasa City and make your way along the top collecting items as you go and then down and right into the Ferris Wheel area.
8. Make your way around the Ferris Wheel area collecting items as you go.
9. Exit the Ferris Wheel area and make your way South into Join Avenue.
10. Make your way through Join Avenue onto Route 4 collecting items as you go.
11. Collect items on Route 4 whilst making your way south. DO NOT LET THE TRAINER SEE YOU, this will waste precious time. To avoid the trainer that battles you every time that you are on Route 4, stay on the left most side.
12. Enter Castelia City and collect the items surrounding the fountain.
13. Take the right most path and collect the items until you get to the next screen.
14. Finally, make your way left and collect the items you see here. This is the point at which the time should run out.

If we all follow these guidelines, it should be easy to get the 30 Person Funfest Medal!  We’ll see you at Empire Gaming in Farmingdale, NY on August 18th!  Registration for the PVGC Doubles Tournament will start at 11AM, with the Tournament starting at 12PM.  But the Funfest Missions will be going on all day!

In addition, we also plan to play some other multiplayer games, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Tetris Axis, and others!  Got any suggestions?  Or will we be too busy funfesting??

Don’t forget, in addition to Funfest Missions, and the PVGC Doubles Tournament, we will also be hosting a Pokemon Cosplay Contest and a Pokemon Plushie Contest!  This event is going to be HUGE, so be sure to attend!  😀

SPLI Pokemon Trivia Prizes Revealed!

StreetPass Long Island’s First Anniversary/Pokemon Gen. 5 Send-Off Party is in less than a week!  That means it’s finally time to reveal all the prizes for the events that will be happening during the party.  Throughout the event, we will be hosting Pokedex 3D Pro Trivia Contests on a big screen!  Here are just SOME of the prizes that you can win if you know enough about Pokemon!


Pokedex 3D Pro Trivia Prizes Include:

  • Pokemon Stickers
  • Pokemon Black and White Happy Meal Toys from McDonald’s
  • Pokemon Sweatbands
  • Pokemon Wristbands
  • Pokemon X&Y Posters

SPLI’s Pokedex 3D Pro Trivia Rules:

  • Each Round of Trivia will have a different prize set.
  • Each Round of Trivia will consist of 10 questions, one (1) prize will be awarded per question.
  • You may only win one (1) prize per Trivia Round.
  • Open to all guests – You do NOT need to be entered in the PVGC Tournament to participate.

Please RSVP for the SPLI First Anniversary/Pokemon Gen. 5 Send-Off Party by clicking here!