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SPLI Pokémon League

300x300logoSPLI is proud to announce the debut of our new SPLI Pokémon League! We’ve brought together a variety of trainers from the Long Island/NYC area who will be our SPLI Gym Leaders for the first season of the League, and now it’s time for YOU to challenge them! Every Gym Leader has a mono-type team, and if you can beat 8 Gym Leaders and win their badges then you have earned the right to take on the SPLI Elite Four!

The Elite Four will be available to challenge at special SPLI Events, and whoever can beat all 4 will be crowned the SPLI Champion!

Do you have what it takes to be the very best? Take on our Pokémon League and see if you can beat our Gym Leaders! To get started, visit the SPLI Pokémon League page and be sure to read the rules. Then you can use the drop-down menu to find the Gym that you’d like to challenge, and use the form on the Gym Page to challenge the Gym Leader. Good luck!