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What You Missed: SPLI First Anniversary/Pokemon Party!

August marks the first anniversary of StreetPass Long Island, and we decided to throw a huge event to celebrate!  Since Pokemon is wildly popular in our group, and the new Pokemon X&Y games are due out this October, we thought it might be fun to host a Pokemon Generation 5 Send-Off Party for our First Anniversary.  The party included a PVGC Doubles Tournament, a Cosplay Contest, a Plushie Contest, as well as Trivia and Funfest Missions!  There was pizza, cookies, cake and prizes for all who attended!

Over 30 people came to play Pokemon, get StreetPasses and enjoy the party with us!
A Gaming Lounge was set up for casual Funfest Missions.
Matt and Ana, Leaders of the Pokemon DS NYC Meet Up Group, expertly ran the Tournament, which was also broadcasted live on an HD TV during the event.
The entire Tournament was streamed live by Clash Tournaments!
The Clash Tournaments staff also provided live commentary for each match!
StreetPass Princeton came out to Long Island to enjoy the festivities! Thanks for joining us!
StreetPass Princeton also generously provided a customized cake for the party! It was delicious, and quite a big hit with the hungry Tournament participants!
Members of StreetPass NYC came to hang out as well!
StreetPass Leaders Jordan & Debbie showing off some Pikachu cosplay!
StreetPass Long Island Co-Founder Jeff provided the delicious pizza! Thanks Jeff!
Of course a little Pokemon TGC was going on at the event as well!
Pokemon Cosplayers!
Some of the plushies pictured here were the big winners of the Pokemon Plushie Contest!
The Grand Prize winner of the Tournament was Rick G. (pictured here in the center, wearing a black hat) He is now a Pokemon Champion in StreetPass NYC, StreetPass Long Island and the Pokemon DS NYC Meet Up Group! Who would like to challenge Rick now??
We hope everyone enjoyed our First Anniversary Party! We had an awesome time thanks to all of the great friends who came to share this day with us! We hope to see you all at the next event!

If you weren’t able to make it to our First Anniversary Party (what a shame!) please visit Clash Tournaments on Twitch TV to watch a recording of the live stream!  We hope you enjoy it!

Part One: http://www.twitch.tv/clashtournaments/b/447708099

Part Two: http://www.twitch.tv/clashtournaments/b/447752564

Plushie Contest Details!



Think you have the coolest, rarest, MOST AWESOME Pokemon Plushie on Long Island? Do you have an officially licensed Japanese Pokedoll? How about a rare, shiny-colored plushie? Something from Gen 1 that NOBODY has seen in 15 years?? Bring your coolest/rarest Pokemon Plushie to our event for a chance to win some AWESOME PRIZES. (Yes we are prepared to reward you just for having a cool plushie.) See you on August 18th! 

-You must own the plushie.
-You are in charge of your plushie; SPLI is not responsible for lost, stolen or mixed up stuffed animals!
-Your plushie must be registered (we’ll have forms) to be entered in the contest.
-Plushie Contest will take place near the END of the party. You must be in attendance to win a prize!
-Entries are not required to be officially licensed. They can also be hand-made.


Please RSVP to the StreetPass Long Island First Anniversary/Pokemon Gen. 5 Send-Off Party by clicking here!