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SPLI June WIFI Tourneys

Today is the release date for the long-awaited Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii U system! To celebrate, SPLI is announcing the return of our Sunday WIFI Meetups! At 8PM on Sunday nights, SPLI members can enter the “SPLI Sunday Tourney” series in Mario Kart 8!

Use the code 5211-9880-6695 to enter the SPLI Sunday Tourney series, which will be open weekly from 8-10PM on Sunday evenings.

More tournaments are going to be announced as well, but we’re kicking things off with the Sunday Tourney series so please join us!

For those of you already enjoying and participating in our Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo 3DS) WIFI Tournament series, we’re pleased to announce the latest tournament for that game as well!

The SPLI June Points Tournament is a private points tournament. Use code 15-7238-7549-3689 to enter this Tournament in Mario Golf: World Tour!

Good luck and see you on WIFI!