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New Targets for the Zelda Archery Event!

SPLI has been hard at work planning the upcoming Legend of Zelda Archery Competition – Second Quest! event coming up Wednesday, November 19th at 7:30 PM. (For pricing, location details and to RSVP, please visit the event page!)

One thing we wanted to upgrade this year are the targets. We want to really test the skills of our members, so we incorporated an actual archery target into each of the Hyrule Warriors Enemy and Villain targets, making scoring a little easier and the skill level a little harder! This is the SECOND quest, after all!

WizzroTargetToday we are releasing a teaser target – Wizzro. This is just one of the options that will be available to shoot at the Legend of Zelda Archery Competition – Second Quest! We will be printing these out and everyone will be able to take home their target at the end of the night! The three highest scores will also receive a small Perler bead prize!

And of course, we will also we doing a trick shot with an eShop giftcard as a prize. But this will be no ordinary trick shot – this year we’ll have you going totally cuckoo for Cuccoo’s!

Be sure to RSVP today and reserve your spot in the Legend of Zelda Archery Competition – Second Quest! If you’re as excited about it as we are, tell your friends and use the hashtag #ZeldaArchery if you post about it on Twitter! See everyone on 11/19/14!

Legend of Zelda Archery Competition – Second Quest

Last November, StreetPass Long Island hosted the first Legend of Zelda Archery Competition event in Queens, NY. The event was so popular, everyone asked if we could do it again… so now we are proud to announce the Legend of Zelda Archery Competition – Second Quest! This year, we are going to learn to shoot the long bow at C&B Archery in Hicksville, NY. LoZ Cosplay is encouraged, so wear your best Link or Zelda costume and we’ll take some awesome group photos!

WHEN:  Wednesday, November 19th at 7:30 PM

WHERE:  C&B Archery in Hicksville, NY 

PRICE:  $18.50 per person, includes Archery Lesson, Equipment Rental and Shooting Range Time

RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1491587904451982/

For more information about the C&B Archery, please visit their website at http://www.cbarchery.net/