Gym Leader Spotlight: Elite Four – Dark Type!

StreetPass Long Island is proud to share the next of our Gym Leader Spotlights for the SPLI Pokémon League! If you don’t know about the SPLI Pokémon League, then you should definitely click the links for the league’s main page, which explains how the league works! You can challenge any Gym Leader by selecting their Gym from the League dropdown menu and submitting a challenge using the form on the Gym page. If you’d like to apply to be a Gym Leader, please send us an email and we might put you on the waiting list for next season!

In anticipation of the upcoming SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge on Sunday, March 15th, we wanted to introduce to you one of our Elite Four Gym Leaders!

Elite Four: Dark Gym Spotlight

Gym Leader: Rick

Battle Format: Singles – Normal Rules / Item clause

Accepting Challenges: Sunday, March 15th from 5pm-8pm at the SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge at GameHut in Babylon, NY

Gym Leader Interview

SPLI: Everyone is getting hyped up to challenge the SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four at our event on March 15th. Until now, the Elite Four has been shrouded in mystery. SPLI just revealed that you are the leader of the Dark Gym in the Elite Four. Can you tell us why you chose your mono type team to be Dark type?

Rick: I chose the Dark type for my Gym Type because my favorite type of Pokemon is Dark! I’ve also had past experience using mono­Dark type Pokemon teams in various styles of battle, so I feel that I am well fit for this position. One other thing that hugely marks my inspiration and interest in being a Dark type Gym Leader is that there has yet to be a Dark type Gym Leader in the actual Pokemon video games! So I’m secretly hoping that Game Freak either reads this one day or is already secretly “Nasty Plotting” a super awesome Dark type Gym Leader for the 7th Generation of Pokemon (maybe he or she’ll even be the leader of the new evil organization!).

SPLI: Wow, that would be awesome! When it comes to your Dark team, we were wondering what made you decide on your Gym Rules and Format – Singles, Normal with Item Clause? 

Rick:  The reason for my chosen Gym Format is that I have the most experience in Single battle as I have been playing competitively in this battle format since the 3rd generation, on the timeline around when Pokemon Emerald had been released. I want to give challengers the greatest battles that I can offer, to show them the power that truly lies within the darkness mustered after all of those years of training in the shadows. The Gym Rules I have set up are those most consistent with past Smogon rules, which I am using to make things simpler for competitive Pokemon players who should be familiar with them. I have added Item clause as a little twist to make things interesting. What items will you have your other Pokemon hold when you can’t have 2 Pokemon hold the Leftovers item? How will you restructure your team to fit these requirements? I wonder.

SPLI: We know you don’t want to give away too much about your Dark Gym Team, but since we already know you are going to be a tough competitor… can you just tell us about your favorite Pokémon on your team?

Rick: Absol, especially now that it has a mega evolution. Mega­ Absol to me is one of the most bad@$$ looking mega ­evolutions in existence with its dark angel like appearance. Not to mention, it has a lot of new offensively oriented battle options, so it isn’t just there for show as it can really cause some destruction. Falling for its beauty will simply leave you and your Pokemon in a disaster.

SPLI: We wish you a lot of luck facing the members of SPLI coming to challenge you at the Elite Four Challenge on 3/15. Or maybe we should be wishing them luck instead? We have a feeling the Dark Gym is going to be really tough to beat! Do you want to share any other tips or hints about your strategy? 

Rick: Hmm… I love taking out my victims slowly with draining status effects. Poison, burns, sleep… you name it. Maybe a Pursuit if you try and run away… If you try and fight back, I’ll block with a Protect and the fun will continue for another day… I assure you, many Sucker Punches will be thrown, many Illusions will be seen. It is up to you to discover the truth and this test will decide whether you have enough of a Miracle Eye to see through it all. It’ll be a scream! Mwahahahaha!

SPLI: Yikes! It looks like challengers will have their work cut out for them if they want to be the SPLI Pokemon League Champion! Do you have what it takes?? Come to the SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge on 3/15 and battle your way to the top!

If you would like to challenge Rick and the Dark Gym, you must first have beaten 8 regular Gym Leaders from the SPLI Pokemon League either via WIFI or at our SPLI Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge! Once you have 8 wins against the SPLI Gym Leaders, then all you have to do is wait for the event on 3/15! Until then, you can also scan Rick’s Secret Base QR code, which has a small preview of his Dark Gym team!