Gym Leader Spotlight: Electric Type!

StreetPass Long Island is proud to share the next of our Gym Leader Spotlights for the SPLI Pokémon League! If you don’t know about the SPLI Pokémon League, then you should definitely click the links for the league’s main page, which explains how the league works! You can challenge any Gym Leader by selecting their Gym from the League dropdown menu and submitting a challenge using the form on the Gym page. If you’d like to apply to be a Gym Leader, please send us an email and we might put you on the waiting list for next season!

To kick off 2015, we want to introduce the Gym Leaders of the SPLI Pokémon League. Check out some details about the Gym and meet the Gym Leaders that you can challenge. You might even find a hint about their teams!

Electric Gym Spotlight – Click Here to Challenge Now!

Gym Leader: Azelfin

Battle Format: Singles – Normal Rules

Accepting Challenges: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Weekends

Gym Leader Interview

SPLI: It’s that time again! SPLI members want to know about the Electric Gym! What made you want to be the Electric Gym Leader?

Azelfin: I chose Electric because I have always been a fan of Raichu. Also I think that Jolteon is hands down the coolest Electric Pokémon ever made from Gen 1.

SPLI: Those are definitely some great Pokémon! But what about your Gym rules and format?

Azelfin: I like to keep things simple… I play with Normal/Single because I think doubles, triples, and rotation battles are too confusing. And Normal because in case they have level 50 or below Pokémon, it raises them to level 50.

SPLI: That’s true, those rules keep the battle fair for even a new Pokémon player! Now, we had to ask… do you mind sharing any hints or tips about the Electric Gym?

Azelfin: I wouldn’t give all my secrets away… but lets just say you don’t want the rain to last the whole game! 😛

SPLI: And finally, which game are you currently playing right now? Pokémon X/Y or Pokémon OR/AS?

Shellshock: I prefer OR/AS because it has 2 day care centers and new and strong megas. Plus move tutors YAY!

SPLI: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us! Challengers will be SHOCKED when they battle the Electric Gym!

If you would like to challenge Azelfin, please visit the Electric Gym page and fill out the challenge form! While you wait for your challenge to be accepted, you can also scan Azelfin’s Secret Base QR code, which has a small preview of his Psychic Gym team!