Badge Prototypes!

Now that the demos for Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire are becoming available, everyone is getting excited for the newest Pokémon games! SPLI wants to share that excitement with you all by releasing a teaser photo of some badge prototypes that we’ve been working on for the SPLI Pokémon League!

Gym Badge Prototypes (clockwise from top left) – Psychic, Grass, Normal, Bug & Electric

Please note that these badges are not currently in full production, and are not available to SPLI Pokémon League participants just yet. But we are planning some meetup events for the coming months that will allow Pokémon trainers to challenge the SPLI Pokémon League Gym Leaders and collect awesome badges like these!

Don’t forget that while we wait for all the details of these upcoming League Events, you can still challenge the SPLI Pokémon League Gym Leaders on WIFI right now! Send your challenge requests out and you can battle each gym type and see how you match up against some strong NY-area trainers! Visit the SPLI Pokémon League page for more information on how to challenge us. You’ll need at least eight Gym Badges (virtual or real) to challenge the SPLI Elite Four, so get ready for some fierce battling!