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What You Missed: SPLI April Birthday Bash!

To celebrate the birthdays of several StreetPass Long Island group members, a meet up was planned at Dave & Busters in Farmingdale, NY on 4/28/2013.  The group had a lot of fun playing arcade games like Pac Man Battle Royale and Skee-Ball, and of course made time to play Mario Kart 7 and Find Mii II!  A cake was served to celebrate the birthdays of 4 different members in attendance.  Happy Birthday April Babies!

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StreetPass Long Island Group Photo
Playing Pac Man Battle Royale!
Birthday Cake!
Getting everyone in the Photo Booth is not easy!
The SPLI 3DS Collection

StreetPass Long Island at PAX!

Ever been to the PAX East Convention?  It’s held in Boston, MA every year, and it’s awesome!  SPLI got to experience the Epic Expo first hand this year, and attended PAX from 3/22 – 3/24.  StreetPass Long Island Co-Founders GluxBox and JDubz drove up to New England to enjoy the Expo, but there was a bigger reason that they were there.  That reason was that GluxBox (real name Debbie G. lol) was invited to be a Speaker at the PAX East 2013 StreetPass Panel!  Other speakers at the StreetPass Panel included StreetPass Princeton’s Nicholas and Robert Oehlberg, Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson of Empire Arcadia, and Ryan Morrison of Island Officials.

Over 100 eager StreetPassers came down to learn how to start up StreetPass groups in their home town, get some free Perler Bead prizes, and of course to add to their endless stream of Mii’s in their 3DS’ StreetPass Mii Plaza.  The panel itself was an hour long, and JDubz was kind enough to record the entire Panel on his Flipcam.  In case you don’t have time to watch the entire Panel, here are the SPLI Highlights.  (We spoke about other groups and topics too, but since this is the StreetPass Long Island website, we’ll stick with SPLI-centric clips.)

Panelist Introductions:

StreetPass Long Island Overview:

What’s to Come for SPLI:

To view the entire Panel, visit StreetPass Long Island’s PAX East Playlist.